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Change it. Don't be a dumb.

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Q: How do you change the distributer cap and rotor on a 1993 corvette?
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How do you change a distributer in a 1993 Corvette?

Odds are you have an optispark unitl. If so it is under the water pump on the front of the engine. Look up optispark replacement on LT1 or C4 Corvette.

How do you replace a 1993 Corvette headlight dimmer switch?

How do I change the dimmer switch on my 1993 corvette?

Gas filter change on a 1993 corvette?

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Will a 1985 corvette hood fit a 1993 corvette?

will a 1985 corvette hood fit a 1993 corvette

How do you change the brakes and rotors on a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1993 Chevy Lumina. Remove the brake assembly spring and the brake caliper. The brake assembly will come off. Tap on the rotor with a hammer or mallet. The rotor will slide off. Reverse the process to change the new rotor and brakes.

How do you change rear brakes and rotor on 1993 Lincoln town car?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1993 Lincoln Town car . Remove the brake spring and break caliper. Remove the brake rotor by tapping on it with a hammer or mallet. Slide the rotor off. Reverse the process to install the new rotor and brake pads.

How many 1993 Corvette convertibles made?

Almost 5,700 1993 Corvette Convertibles were produce and sold that year. James

How do you change 1993 Corvette crank pulley?

take off the belt, use a pulley puller to pull it then reinstall.

How do you tune up a 1993 Lexus GS300?

need to change all the plugs, change cap and rotor, change air filter, also probably change distributor wires

Is removing the battery in a 1993 Corvette the same as removing the battery in a 1995 Corvette?


Will 1993 Corvette wheels fit a 1992 Corvette?

Yes, they are a direct fit. TOM

How do you remove the front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4?

How do you remove a front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4

How do you change a heater core in a 1993 corvette?

Remove the water supply hoses from your 1993 Chevy Corvette heater core. Some water will drain out of the hoses and the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

How do you time the distributer on a 1993 corvette LT1?

THERE IS NO TIMING ON THE CAR NOR IS THERE A DISTRIBUTER ITS AN OPTISPARK AND NO TIMING CAN BE DONE TO IT Timing can be change thru after market sorces such as programmers like Hypertec or even the throttle position sensor that Mid America offers. You can also find people who do reprogram these cars privately. I have a 94 that I've installed the MSD distributor ( optispark ) and MSD 6 AL and coil. This distributor does have timing control but you have to make a pointer and find TDC in order to reference timing.

How do you turn off security lamp?

Are you asking about the courtesy lamps inside a Corvette? It helps to know the year since they change from year to year. It's Corvette 1993 But does not work because of security system lamp on

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1993 Corvette?

Corvette didnt have a Crankshaft Position Sensor until 96.

Where can you find a back up light switch for a 1993 Corvette with a 6 speed transmission?

Corvette central

Where is the distributor on a 1993 Corvette?

The distributor is on the front of the engine.

1993 corvette horns and possibilites of why it quit working?

== ==

What are the best spark plugs for 1993 corvette?


How fast does a 1993 Corvette go?

Up to 118 MPH

Does the 1993 corvette have a crank sensor?

basically it has a self contained camshaft driven distributer known as opti spark witch includes a fibre optic cam sensor &a crank position sensor,located behind the water pump covered by a flat top dist cap and wires

Where is the relay for the interior courtesy and door panel lights on A 1993 corvette?

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Do 1993 corvette head gaskets leak coolant?

Only when they are bad.

Will a 1993 corvette transmission 700r fit in a 1988 Chevy truck?