How do you change the dome light in a 95 Toyota Tercel?

Before you start, it is advised that you disconnect the battery otherwise you may blow a fuse. There is a fuse for the bulb which can be removed instead of disconnecting the battery, but I don't know which fuse it is.

Remove the cover by gently prying it open using a screwdriver. You'll see two small openings next to the switch, this is where you should insert the screwdriver. Be carefull not to stick in the screwdriver too far or force it open. If it won't open easily then you are doing something wrong.

To replace the bulb, simply remove it with your fingers, it should come out easily. Gently insert the new bulb. Be carefull, the bulb is very fragile and may break if forced. Reconnect the battery and test the bulb using the light switch. Snap back in the cover and you are done.