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How do you change the dome light in a 95 Toyota Tercel?


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Before you start, it is advised that you disconnect the battery otherwise you may blow a fuse. There is a fuse for the bulb which can be removed instead of disconnecting the battery, but I don't know which fuse it is.

Remove the cover by gently prying it open using a screwdriver. You'll see two small openings next to the switch, this is where you should insert the screwdriver. Be carefull not to stick in the screwdriver too far or force it open. If it won't open easily then you are doing something wrong.

To replace the bulb, simply remove it with your fingers, it should come out easily. Gently insert the new bulb. Be carefull, the bulb is very fragile and may break if forced. Reconnect the battery and test the bulb using the light switch. Snap back in the cover and you are done.


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To replace the dome light in your 2005 Toyota, you will need a flat screwdriver to remove the screws and pry the dome light cover from the light. You can then access the light to change the bulb or replace the entire bulb and cover.

Clock and Radio, i had a small short on my tercel and i blew my radio and dashboard clock, now they are not working, trying to replace that fuse..

Fbodywarehouse . Com has a full step by step how to video on how to install a dome light

There are no screws in the dome light cover of a 1997 Toyota Camry. You can pry the cover off with a flat bladed screw driver.

The dome light switch has 3 positions. Off-On-On when the door is opened. Put it in the proper position.

Check this one out

It's a 3-position switch located on the light housing itself.

check to see if your dome light is working. if not check the dome light fuse, located in the engine room fuse box. dome fuse powers the trunk release circ.

The most likely reason is a burned-out bulb.

It's the Dome fuse (it is also the fuse used to the interior dome light and trunk light). The fuse box is located under the hood on the driver's side.

looked at the fuse panel in the car and under the hood and it doesn't even say where the fuse for the dome light is. How stupid is this? there's an install guide at the bottom, good luck!

light bulb out on map light how to change with out breaking plastic lens

It's behind the coin compartment to left and of the steering wheel.

If it's one that you push the light cover to turn on, this is how you change it: On the side of the cover that presses up, slide in a thin screwdriver--and I do mean thin because the cover hinges can break. There is a small clip that will release and the cover will pop out.

it should be the same as the interior light fuse. all of these are together i think.

I have the same problem with my 1999 Toyota Camry. The service person at the dealer said sometimes the connections in the unit go bad and it would need to be replaced. Cost = about $90.

Check the wiring for the radio using a spark tester. Also check the DOME fuses for the interior light. The spark test will say whether or not the fuse is getting current, if no power check the radio unit.

The dome light fuse on a 2003 Jeep Liberty can be changed by first locating the fuse panel near the hood release. The dome light fuse can then be pulled from its socket and a new fuse put in place.

The "dome" is the light on the ceiling of your car. It is called a dome because this light is usually shaped like a dome.

The dome light switch on the dash is on.

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