How do you change the donut gasket on a Ford Probe GT?

I agree with the below comments. I am no mechanic, but have some ability. Changing the alternator was no small task. I actually was able to get the alternator out through the top, but at the expense of removing A/C connections and many words I would not want my children to hear. Fortunately, the A/C needed recharged anyway. If I ever have another alternator problem, I'm going to a gargage..... If you are not mechanically inclined, don't try it. If so, disconnect exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold going to catalytic converter, including bracket mount holding the exhaust pipe to convertor. Disconnect ground cable from battery, disconnect large wire on alternator (#10 metric wrench) and unplug quick connect wires. Loosen belt tensioner after loosing both mounting bolts. One is a pivot, one is a slide bracket. Now the fun begins, drop the alternator down through the bottom. Very tight, that's why you have to disconnect exhaust system. Reverse order for installation. Make sure you replace the "donut" gasket on the exhaust pipe or it will leak. Good luck