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How do you change the fog light bulb on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner or does the whole unit have to be replaced?


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Just replaced one on a 2000... Probably similar. Remove one hex-head bolt and disconnect power supply. Entire unit comes off. Remove three Phillips screws from cover to connections. Remove tension spring holding lamp in place. Lamp is an H3...$7.00 part at any auto part store.


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its an LED light, the whole unit has to be replaced. The spoiler needs to come off.

Check your maintenance manual. It's in there.

There's a Phillips screw at the top of the marker light. You would need to unscrew that and then you will be able to remove the side marker light from your Toyota 4Runner. We have also included a link to a video in the related links section below.

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Phillips screwdriver...two screws throught the lens. Remove the lens and extract the lamp. It pulls out.

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I just did this on my 4-runner and took pictures. Check out my web sight and see if it helps you.

It means that the car is turning whatever side the indicator light is on. This is the same with every car

Yes they light and are on the same fuse as the dash lights. So if the dash light works then these are just burnt out and need to be replaced.

The problem with your air conditioning light blinking in the 4runner is a bad relay. Toyota has updated the relay to part #90987-02028. Call your local Toyota dealership for this relay. You can buy it at the parts counter. It is about $65. It takes 1 minute to replace. This same procedure is for the Camry and other Toyota models with the same blinking AC light, but the relay part number might differ.

Turn the 4Runner on, make sure that you are looking at the "odometer" miles and not the "Trip" miles. Turn the 4Runner off, hold the "reset" button, turn the 4Runner On and the "MAINT" light will blink 3 times. Release the "reset" button and the light will turn off. This worked great for me but the light flashed 5 times then went off. 2007 SR5 4WD 16,000 miles recently purchased from dealer hopefully there is nothing else wrong/ FYI the manual told me that the maint light is for oil change.

The 2000 Toyota day time running the light relay switch can be found below the dashboard. The switch will be on the passenger side of the passenger compartment.

i just found my 95 4runner SR5 light reminder relay in front of my shift levers and behind the panel below my radio. i went to Toyota parts department and request to look at the EWD (electrical wiring diagram) to get a general location for my vehicle. PHIL

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Check the brake light bulbs, one of them may not be installed correctly.

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No, it means that it's time to change oil or one of components has failed and has to be replaced.

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