How do you change the front brakes on an R Reg Vauxhall Vectra tdi 1.7?

My advise is that you buy the haynes manual. This will take you step by step. The question itself is simple enough. For the pads: Remove wheel Pull retaing pin on caliper. Unscrew cover for caliper. Compress piston with pads in. (this makes it easier to fit new pads). Tap out retaining pins if the pad has them (goes through the holes at top of pads). use a centre punch to do this. Pull out pads or pry if they seem stuck. Do not put pressure on the disk. best use a screw driver for this. Scrape off excess dust from around the caliper. Then put new pads in. Tap retaining pins back through pad retaining holes. put caliper cover back on. put sprung clip back on(the first retainer i mentioned). Wheel back on then pump brakes. DO NOT drive anywhere until you have pumped the brake pedal.