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you have to drop the fuel tank and it is going to be a pain

That answer is correct but perhaps I can expand:

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Jack up the car, front and back and get it at least 24 to 30 inches up and on

jackstands, basically the higher the better up to about 30 inches.

3. Siphon all the fuel from the tank. You will have to remove the filler hose and

air vent hose from the tank and the gas filler compartment, hoping that the fuel level

is below that lever. If the tank is over 1/3 full be prepared to have a vessel underneath the filler hose to tank connection to receive the gas which will pour out when you remove the large hose. Have a fire extinguisher and a garden hose ready

in case you somehow ignite smoking or hot lamps nearby !!!

You can't just run a hose down the filler neck and siphon out the gas because there is an obstruction about 3 inches into the gas tank and without removing the filler hose you just can't get the siphon hose aligned to pass thru the obstruction, a circle opening about 1 inch in diameter. You have to remove both of these hoses anyway to drop the tank and you will need to detach them from the upper connection at the gas filler cap assembly to get sufficient movement to detach them form the tank.

There is also a hose to frame clamp securing them in the driver side rear wheel well.

With the gas drained/siphoned you can remove the three rubber hoses connecting the steel pipes coming down from across the top of the tank and joining to the fuel filter and return and vent pipes running along the chassis.

At this point you need to support the tank with a tranny jack or floor jack and

remove the supporting straps ( two ) and begin to lower the tank. On some models you will also have to remove the rear portion of the exhaust system. When the tank

is lowered about 12 inches you can disconnet the wiring harness on the top of the tank that connects to the fuel pump assembly. Lower the tank the rest of the way

and remove it from under the car...remember, even "empty" this tank is a waiting bomb if you expose it to fire or sparks. JHSills

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Q: How do you change the fuel pump in a 1986 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?
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