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How do you change the headlight bulb on a 2002 Honda goldwing?

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October 08, 2008 5:25AM

go to autozone and ask them

Oh sure, they'll know. Lucky if you get the right bulb.

Here's how. (I'm assuming we're talking about the low beam) Set the bike on the center stand and push the handle bars to the side opposite the bulb you want to change - i.e. if it's the right bulb, push the bars full left. Look through the slot that the bar travels through, under the bar, and you'll see the electrical connector for the bulb and a fairly large rubber cover surrounding it. Carefully pull back on the connector to disconnect it and then take a good mental note of the way the tabs on the cover are oriented. You'll need to replace this cover in the same orientation. Pull on the tab of the rubber cover and remove it. You'll now see the base of the bulb and a spring clip holding the bulb in place. Carefully unclip the spring clip and swing it out of the way. Remove the bulb from the headlamp assembly. Carefully separate the bulb from the adaptor base and save the adaptor base. Take the new bulb from the package and DO NOT LET YOUR FINGERS CONTACT THE GLASS. Your skin has natural oils on it and any contamination of the glass will shorten the life of the bulb. If the glass does get contaminated with anything, carefully wipe it with a clean alcohol soaked paper towel until completely clean. Install the adaptor base onto the new bulb and insert the bulb back into the headlamp assembly. If the bulb doesn't seat properly, rotate it until the tabs line up with the housing and the bulb seats properly. You'll know when you have it right because the bulb will sink down into the headlamp and will not rock or rotate anymore. Swing the spring clip back around and latch it. (If the bulb isn't properly seated, you won't be able to latch the clip.) DON'T FORCE ANYTHING. Reinstall the rubber cover in the same orientation you noted before removing it. Reattach the electrical connector and turn on the ignition to confirm that it's working properly. Find a comfortable chair, put your feet up and have a nice cold beer to celebrate the fact that you just saved yourself at least fifty bucks in labour fees at your dealer.