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Both headlamps are accessible from under the hood without removing the housing. Passenger side 1) Gently pry up the retaining clip on the wire harness and pull away from the light to remove. 2) Rotate the retaining ring counterclockwise and remove. The retaining ring is approximately 3" in diameter and made of black plastic. 3) Remove the headlamp from its socket. Note the orientation of the headlamp. 4) Place the new headlamp in the socket in the correct orientation. 3 pins must be matched up to the correct slot on the new headlamp. 5) Replace the retaining ring and rotate to lock into place. 6) Plug the wireharness back into the lamp. Driver's side Same as the passenger side, but you will have to remove the air filter cover and the elbow for the air intake. Just pull the elbow straight up to remove. The filter covered is removed by unscrewing the bolts on top.

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Q: How do you change the headlight on a 2005 Dodge Neon?
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