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How do you change the headlight switch on a 1995 Ford Aerostar?


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1. Obtain a Headlight switch for the vehicle at a local NAPA or Ford dealer parts counter.2. Disconnect the negative terminal at the battery. (Small post or Black cable).3. Remove the bottom cover below the steering column. The cover(s) around the left lower area and right lower areas/radio/ashtray should pop/snap or pry off. *****WATCH OUT*** REMOVE the TWO Phillips head screws inside the open slot above ashtray. There are some small hex/Phillips head screws to remove now. They are around the guage panel. The Headlight pull knob should fit through the dash panel hole.4. Remove the 2 screws holding the headlight switch bracket. The switch pull knob is released by pushing in a small button on the bottom of the headlight switch. Pull out on knob while pressing this button in. Same in reverse for putting back in. (Note the shafts triangular shape. Fits back in same way.)5. Pull off wire harness and install new switch ***CHECK the tightness off the terminals, on the new switch, to the female connections and spades on the harness.) If needed the females can be squeezed flat slightly to make a TIGHT connection. If these connections are loose, the contacts will burn and the switch will fail again.6. Replace all panels in reverse order and connect negative battery cable.7. Start and try switch and DRIVE the vehicle 7 to 10 miles to reset the computer to your driving habits.8. Clock and radio channels may have to be reset.