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The 81 Granada is the same chassis as the T-birds and mustangs of that era, known as the fox body or fox chassis. The dash board is held on by about 10 or so bolts and screws. Start by removing the center console, than pry off the defroster duct cover witha screw driver or even your hand. Under the defroster panel on the top of the dash, you will expose about five screws, they sould be Phillips heads but may be 9/32 hex as well. Remove these screws. Also remove the passenger and driver kick panels (picture where tour feet are when sitting in the seat). To do this, you will need to remove the door sill trim, than the kick panel itself. This will expose two bolts that hold on the dash board as well, they should be 10mm hex headed bolts. You will also benifit from dropping the steering column from the bottom side of the dash, should be four 9/16 hex headed bolts that allow the steering column to drop. After dropping the column, you should be able to lift slightly on the dash to expose the heater box. Under the hood, remove the clamps and hoses attached to the heater core. Under the dash, there are several small screws that hold the top on the heater box, you may need to remove more screws from the engine side of the firewall to move the heater box to the point where you can get your fingers and sockets on these small screws. After removing the screws, lift off the box top, exposing the heater core itself. Pull the heater core out, and replce with new one, being sure to not damage it. Put it all back together in reverse order of removal, and enjoy your new heat...

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Q: How do you change the heater coil in a 1981 Granada?
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