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Owner's manual. Don't have one, get one.


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You can change your language in settings.

how do I change language on face book from chinese too english

yes, if you go to the settings of the camera, if you dont know how to do that comment, there should be a button for language settings, and you can set it for different languages

If you are using Word, simply go the Language tool on the menu bar. Once there, you can easily change the language from Chinese to English. Similarly, you can access your computer's language settings within the system folder. Once there, deselect Chinese and select English All for your computer applications, programs, text, and more.

The compass. The ancient Chinese invented the compass and revolutionized maritime (ocean / water) navigation.

This is how you spell settings in chinese: 設置 This is from English to Chinese (Traditional) translation. Hope you fell happy!

The easiest way to type in Chinese with a keyboard would be to change the settings in the Windows operating system which relate to the keyboard language setting. This however will only offer limited ability to use the Chinese language due to different input requirements of the keyboards.

Yes, all Android devices support this language since Android 2.3. You can change the language in the settings > accessibility > language. Hope that this answers is helpful. Best regards, Atyq

The Chinese language unlike the English language has no alphabet. That said, there are no consonants or vowels in the Chinese language.

The Chinese Language is different from English because in Chinese, there is no set alphabet. Also, Chinese is a tonal language, having four tones in the Mandarin Dialect.

I had this problem. It's either an app or a language selection issue. I fixed mine by taking the battery out, but it may need to be reset to factory settings, which is a pain if you have a Chinese phone as then all the settings are in Chinese. There are instructions on youtube that show what the relevant chinese words look like, or you could pop down to your local Chinese takeaway.

Opinions about the Chinese language vary greatly. It depends on who "they" are.

The Chinese Language Institute was created in 2009.

There are no letters in the Chinese language. They do not have an alphabet. They have characters. Each character means a word. That is why their is 50,000+ characters in the Chinese language.

Chinese symbols are to the Chinese language what letters of the alphabet are to the English language

Chinese what? There is not even one Chinese language.

Chinese navigation satellite see below.

Chinese linguistics or Chinese literature?

Around or over 50,000 characters exist in the Chinese language.

Iowa Chinese Language School was created in 1999.

Chinese what? If you mean language, which one?

China is a state and Chinese is a language.

i miss you in chinese language

As a first language its Mandarin Chinese. As a first & second language its Englishthe answer is Chinese

To change CE-Star\'s default language from Chinese to English on an HTC Diamond you will need to adjust the regional settings on the phone and under settings in the program to an English speaking or reading region.

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