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How do you change the low beam headlight bulb on a 1999 Town and Country van?

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2008-12-15 02:39:49

The van has 2 sets of headlamps. The inner ones are a breeze to

change bulbs by turning the whole assembly a bit until loose and

then pulling it out. The low beam is unfortunately not that simple.

Older Chrysler T&C models have a retainer ring, and there is no

way to get the bulb out without removing the whole headlight

assembly. If it has been replaced due to an accident you may be

lucky that it is a new version without the retaining ring; then you

can carefully pull it backward out. If it doesn't come easy, don't

force it. You must remove the assembly. It is not that difficult,

so don't get discouraged, just requires a bit patience. Have a

small 10 mm ratchet socket wrench and a standard 10 mm wrench

ready. I would recommend to take the high beam bulb out before

starting. There are three 10 mm nuts on the backside of the

headlight, and one bolt on top. It is difficult to reach the three

10 mm bolts on the back. But, if the air filter assembly is removed

by removing the plastic air intake manifold, the air filter

assembly and the air intake pipe the job is easy and quick. Remove

the plastic air intake manifold by removing two 10 mm bolts,

loosening two hose clamps, and removing the crancase ventillation

hose. Then remove the air cleaner by removing a single 10 mm nut

and poping it out. This will enable you to remove a short plastic

air intake pipe. Now you have easy access to all three 10 mm nuts

on the rear of the headlight assemply. After all is loose slide the

whole headlight out and turn the retainer ring (or the bulb, if

ring is not existing) and the low beam bulb will come out. Replace

with a good long-life bulb. Re-assemble in reverse order. Remember

the alignment pin on the right side of the assemly into the fender.

Hope this helps. Eric Vee PSASailor

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