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If the parent dies with a will, the estate must clear probate, first, which could take time and money. After the Probate is cleared then a Quit Claim Deed from the personal representative of the estate to the rightful benificary of the will. can be filed in the County Clerks office, the house is then transferred. However, the benificary will be responsible for the increased value of the home. If the parent died with a Revocable Livng Trust and the house was properly titled in the trust's name , the the successor trustee would transfer the house via a Quit Claim Deed. This is of minimum costs (the preperation of the deed and the County recorder's filing fee.) And with the Trust there is no monies for the benificaries to pay for the property value increase.

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Q: How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased parent to your name?
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How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased parent to my name in Scotland?

That is done through the probate process. The executor can make the change and issue a new deed.

Is falsifying signatures on a deed of trust a felony?

Falsifying a deed to a home where two people are listed one is deceased and his wife is trying to change it to her name

How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased parent if there is no will but your name is on deed?

If your name is on the deed as a "joint tenant" grantee, then the surviving joint tenant(s) automatically become the owners and no probate is involved. This is a common method for bypassing the cost and complexity of probate. If your name is on the deed as a "tenant in common" grantee with the deceased, then their partial ownership must be probated to determine who will receive ownership of it (i.e., according to the state laws of intestate succession). The estate administrator would issue a new deed naming the heirs as tenant(s) in common with other existing tenants in common.

How do you change the name on a deed of a deceased person in will to person who inherits in Indiana?

You have to go through the probate process. The executor will have the ability to issue a new deed to the new owner.

How do you write a letter to remove my deceased spouse name from my house deed?

The estate should take care of that change. It can be a simple as filing a copy of the death certificate with the deed.

How do you remove the name of my deceased spouse from a house deed in Illinois?

In Illinois the estate should take care of that change. It should be a simple as filing a copy of the death certificate with the deed.

Can a child's name take the place of a deceased parent's name on a house deed?

Not automatically. The estate has to go through probate, all taxes and debts paid and then if there is anything left, it can go to the inheritors.

If my mother is deceased and the deed and home owners insurance is still in her name and the homeowner insurance lapsed How can I get new insurance?

Add your name to the deed.

Can the executrix put their name on the deed only if all 8 children are named in the will?

An executrix must carry out the wishes of the deceased. If any of the eight children were excluded by the deceased from inheriting a piece of property she cannot put his or her name on the deed for it.

How to remember a Deceased parent in the wedding?

You can remember a deceased parent in the wedding by putting their name in the program. You could also remember the parent when doing the father/daughter or son/mother dance.

How do i take deceased husband's name off deed?

To remove a deceased person from the Deed, you will need to go to a title company. Bring the Death Certificate to show the part is deceased, then they will prepare a new deed to be filed with the county. (anyone else who was on the original title will need to be present for the new Deed) Make sure anyone who will be on the new title brings a valid form of identification.

What happens if you have a car that was hidden for 8 years out of state and the loan is in a deceased parent's name?

The estate of the deceased parent is responsible for the debt. The leinholder gets the car.

How do you change names on a deed in Virginia?

How do I add my daughter's name to my deed

Does it require an atty or can you change the name on your deed to a family trust?

You need to hire an attorney to change the name on your deed. The deed needs to be filed properly with a court of law and recorded.

How do i change the name on the deed after tenant in common signed quit claim?

You don't change the name on the original deed. You now have a deed from the other grantee in your original deed. Therefore, you have acquired your title to the property in two deeds.

Can you keep utility bills in the name of a deceased spouse or parent?

You can, but its fraud.

What if deceased parent's home mortgage is more than the property can be sold for?

The bank will take possession of the property by foreclosure. If the mortgage is in the deceased parent's name it will not affect anyone's credit.

Can a wife take her marriage license to the courthouse and have her name put on a house deed and have her husbands deceased wifes name taken off?

No, she cannot do that. The deceased wife's name will be removed by the executor upon the presentation of a death certificate. Depending on the law, the wife may be automatically assumed to be on the deed whether it is physically there or not.

How can you change your name on a Deed when there is another person is on the deed you just want your name change to another person?

The simplest thing to do is a quit claim deed. It will give the other person all the rights to the property that you had.

How do you delete a deceased spouse's name from deed?

In this state that is done by a Probate Court. A Probate Lawyer can do the paperwork.

How can you change your fathers name to your name on his land deed with no will as he is deceased?

Not without permission of the probate court. You would need to open an estate and the land would be an asset in that estate. Then the executor would have to inventory all assets, pay all debts and determine the distribution of the remainder. Then the deed could be changed.

How do you change the name on a deed from a deceased with a living trust?

You need to review the trust document to determine how the land can be transferred by the trustee. You should consult with an attorney who can review the trust and explain your options.

Can I get a tag sticker for a deceased parent car without the title to the car?

no not if it is not in your name

If deed is in father name and his parents name both are deceased who is entitled to property?

It depends on what the deed says. If the deed is a right of survivorship, the property will go to the descendants of the last to die. If it is a joint ownership, the property could go to the beneficiaries of all three of the decedents.

In Ireland how might one get a deed of change of name?

In Ireland, you can get a deed of change of name by applying for it with the Central Office of Four Courts. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "Deed of change of name" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.