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You need to post more info on the van...what kind? what motor? full size, etc. 6 cyl. v-8?

Well, I have the same question, so I'll put up some van info here. I've got a 1989/1990 Ram van 350 with the 360 motor. It has fuel injection and an automatic tranny. Any help with getting the oil pump changed out? Can I just drop the pan and get at it?




Yes, you can drop the pan on the 360 with the engine installed, but there are challenges.

After moving any obstructions and taking out the oil pan bolts, you can drop the pan down on to the frame cross member. The pan will not come completely off because the oil pump is in the way. Remove the pump and set it in the pan, then remove the pan and pump completely.

Make sure the new pump and pick-up tube are assembled exactly as the original. The angles are important so that the pick-up screen is at the proper location in the oil pan when installed.

Clean and inspect the pan and the oil pump mounting surface before assembly.

Drop the pump assembly in the oil pan, and set it on the frame cross-member and put everything back together with new seals and gaskets. Tighten the oil pump bolts properly and secure them if possible with some kind of physical locking device, or maybe thread locking compound. If the bolts loosen, the oil pressure will be drastically reduced, but still high enough to cause the low pressure light to turn off. The engine will probably not last as long with reduced oil pressure.

BEFORE REPLACING THE OIL PUMP, make sure that the oil pressure indicating system is not the problem and is working properly.

I hope I didn't forget anything. Have fun!

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Q: How do you change the oil pump on a 1989 Dodge van?
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