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Depending on which one you are trying to replace it is pretty simple. There are two O2 sensoners loctaed on the exhast. One is right at the manifold and the other is behnd the CAT. Disconnect the battery for the car and unplug the O2 sensor. I believe the wrench size is a 20mm or maybe a 20mm just make sure it fits right you don't wnt to strip the nut.. It may need to be heated up with a propane torch to make it easy to take of. For the one behind the CAT you have to cut the wires and splice the new O2 sensor wires together or take out the center consol of the inside the conector for the rear o2 sensor is locatedd here. You will need to fish the wire out from the bottom... Same process though to take it off too.

There is a special slotted socket for oxygen sensors. It is not recommended to cut any wires as moisture can get in and cause corrision.jd

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Q: How do you change the oxygen sensor on a 2001 Chevy Prizm?
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