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How do you change the power steering belt on a rover 218sd on a L plate?


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Vehicles with automatic tensioners Park the vehicle on a level surface and turn the steering to full left hand lock. Disconnect the battery. Fit a 13mm spanner to the tensioner pivot bolt and use it to rotate the whole tensioner assembly down and away from the engine so that the tension on the belt is relieved. Insert a 4mm rod or twist drill bit through the centre of the pivot bolt and engage it with the corresponding hole in the assembly backplate, this will lock the assembly allowing the spanner to be removed. ensure the rod or twist drill bit is fully engaged before removing the spanner. Release the drivebelt from the power steering pump and crankshaft pulleys and remove it from the engine.

Refitting Pass the new belt over the cranshaft and power steering pulleys making sure it is sitting in the Vee grooves properly. Manouvre the belt over the tensioner pulley. Using the 13mm spanner take the tension off the spring and remove the 4mm rod or twistdrill bit. slowly release the tensioner assembly until it contacts the drive belt. Using a spanner or wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt turn the crankshaft through one full revolution (spark plugs out will make it easier to turn). This allows the belt tension to be evenly distributed and the belt is fully engaged in the grooves.

Petrol with manual tensioner Chock up front wheels and disconnect battery. Slacken the the drivebelt pulley spindle. then roate the adjuster bolt (situated on the underside of the pulley assembly) to relieve all tension from the drivebelt. Release the the belt from the steering pump and cranshaft pulleys. reftting is reverse of above but tension on a new belt needs to be 5.5mm - 8.5mm deflection or 7.5mm to 8.5mm if old belt is re-used.

Diesel engines.

Disconnect battery. Chock up front wheels off the ground. working through the right hand wheel arch fit a 15mm spanner to the tensioner pulley bolt and rotate whole assembly clockwise to relieve tension. Hold the tensioner in this position and remove the drive belt. Refitting is the reverse of the above. take tension from pulley by rotating clockwise, hold in position, fit belt to all pulleys, slowly let tension pulley move back anticlockwise. Recommends turning engine using spanner on crankshaft pulley bolt to make sure evenly seated, not easily done on a diesel engine.


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To change a power steering belt on a Rover 214, unbolt the power steering pump and pry the belt off the pulley. Replace with another steering belt and reinstall the steering pump.

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