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If you have a full-floating axle, it's pretty easy. You do have to have one specific tool though - a rear axle nut socket. Loosen axle bolts and lug nuts. Jack up rear end and remove wheel. Put a bucket under the hub to catch oil. Remove bolts and slide axle out. Remove axle nut snap-ring. Remove axle nut with axle nut socket. Pull drum off - make sure parking brake is not on - might have to use rubber mallet. Clean brakes and drum using brake cleaner that is OK to spray directly on shoes. Axle seal is in the brake drum. Knock out the old seal from the outside. Re-grease the bearings - buy new ones if you have the scratch. Tap new seal in place. Slide drum onto spindle. Torque axle nut to 50ft-lbs - back nut off no more than 1/4 turn and install snap ring. Install axle with new gasket. Torque axle nuts to 80ft-lbs. Check rear end oil level and fill if necessary. I recently did this to replace a leaky seal, took me about 2 hours or so - most of the time is taken up in cleaning the oil out of the brake assembly.

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How do you change front axle seals on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

You have to remove the brakes, rotors, wheel hubs, axle shafts, diff cover, and differential carrier, seals are on the inside of the axle tubes.

How do you change Rear axle seals on a 97 S10 Blazer 4X4?

very carefully

When should you change axle seals?

When you see rear differential fluid on your rear brakes & assembly.

Is it recommended to replace rear axle seals but not the bearings on a 1996 Chevy S-10 4wd?

It would be recommended to replace the rear axle bearings and axles when they are worn/bad. If the bearings and axles are okay, just replace the seals.

Where is the four wheel drive actuator located on a 1998 Chevy k2500?

On the front axle, passengers side of carrier housing.

What do you replace when you have gear oil leaking out of your rear axle at your right tire of my T100?

Axle seals

What should you pay to have axle seals fixed in a dodge ram 1500 1997?

That depends on what seals are leaking. The inner front axle seals will cost you over 6 hours of labor plus seals and fluid.So if your local labor rates are $100 an hour that will be over $600That depends on what seals are leaking. The inner front axle seals will cost you over 6 hours of labor plus seals and fluid.So if your local labor rates are $100 an hour that will be over $600

How do you change axle seals on a John Deere A?

I have a 1951 John Deere A that is seeping oil out of the one axle out close to the wheel. Do I need to remove the the rearend and the big bull gears and get to them from the inside? Paul Lehman

1996 Dodge Ram 1500 How do you change the rear axle fluid?

To change the rear axle fluid you can remove the rear cover from the axle and drain it that way. If you don't want to remove the rear cover you can use a pump and a hose to drain it through the fill hole.

Diagram for ford f250 diesel truck front axle?

drawing for bearings and seals of front differential axle

Do rear axle sealers work?

New seals work best.

What is the difference between K2500 and C2500?

The K version is four wheel drive; the C version is two wheel drive (usually the rear axle).

What causes a leak where the axle meets the transmission on a 1996 Grand Caravan?

Axle shaft seal.Axle shaft seal.

90 GMC k2500 PU-front axle 4x4 actuator wont engage-where is it sitched from?

The front axle on the 90 GMC K2500 is actuated by a switch on the top of the transfer case. You will find it on the top, driver's side, with a 2-wire connector on it. The best price I have found on this part is from the GM garage (about $25.00). It is 2-3 times that price at the AutoZone type places.

Why is oil leaking out of rear hub on 96 f150w?

the problem is the axle bearing has gone bad and ruined the axle seal. the gear lube is held in the differential by the axle seals on each end.

How do you relace axle seals on 873 bobcat?

how to replace wheel seal in a 873 bobcat

Can you change the axle size on a bike?

You can change the axle length by installing a longer axle. You cannot change the axle diameter because you are limited to the diameter of the bearing cups, races, etc. allowed by whatever particular hub is being used.

What to they mean when they need to get something pressed out when working on the left rear axel seal on a 1989 F150?

Your truck uses bearings that are pressed onto the axles IN FRONT of the seals. GREAT design i know. The Bearigns have to be presses off and usually replaced when changing axle seals. Usually the cause of the axle seal leak IS a worn Bearing, causing the axle to move too much, and out of the seals range on motion.

How do you replace rear end seals to a 1968 Ford Fairlane 500?

To replace the rear axle seals, lift and support the rear of vehicle, remove the tires, remove the drums, remove the nuts holding the bearing/seal retainer in place, install the drums backwards (that's right, backwards) and secure drums to axle flange with two or three lug nuts, using a large hammer, tap on the drum as to force axle/bearing assembly out from the axle tube, take the axle assemblies to a machine shop to have the old bearings and seals replaced then reinstall the assemblies back into the vehicle. Unfortunately the original bearings have to be destroyed in order to replace the seals.

2001 jeep grand Cherokee 4x4 oil seals location on front axle?

They are on the inside, next to the differental bearings. The entire axle has to be dissassembled to replace them.

How do i change the seals in the front axle of a 97 dodge ram 1500 tag is missing so you dont know what type it is?

i had the exact same problem, i simply took out the old seals (which was horrible) and took them to auto zone and compared till we found the right ones

How do you change real seal on 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

Those vans dont have rear seals, unless your refurring to the axle seals in the transmissions... those just pop out with alittle work and ascrew driver and the new one pops in with some help from a rubber mallet... they dont have rear seals, they got barings in the rear.

What does it cost to replace CV axle seals on Pathfinder?

It will cost approximately $90 to replace the axle seal on your Nissan Pathfinder. The axle seal will cost approximately $30 and require one hour of labor to install.

Does the 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee have a solid axle?


Is front axle seals covered under powertrain warranty?

Should be. It's part of the drive train.