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FTO GR Model not MIVEC To change the 3 rear spark plugs on the V 6 engine you need the following tools and parts, 10mm ring spanner, 12mm ring spanner, 10mm socket, 12mm socket, 150mm extension, Ratchet drive for the sockets and extension, 5/8 spark plug socket, Small flat blade screwdriver, 3x Platinum Sparkplugs ( PFR6G 11), Intake gasket. (MD175776) 1 Disconnect and remove the battery from the car. 2 Remove the air duct between the air flow meter and the throttle body. 3 Undo the 2 bolts on either side of the manifold releasing the electrical connectors. 4 Undo the 2 bolts holding the throttle cable support bracket and earth straps. 5 Slide off the 3 vacuum pipes at the throttle body end of the manifold. 6 Unclip the electrical connectors on the step motors 7 Undo the 4 x 12mm head bolts at the back of the manifold. 8 Undo and remove the 5 bolts and 2 nuts and washers from the front of the manifold. 9 Carefully lift the manifold up over the studs and while turning the manifold counter clockwise place it where the battery usually sits. 10 Place a cover over the inlet to stop anything from falling into it. Note There is no requirement to disconnect the water hoses. 11 Remove the spark plug lead/covers and remove the spark plug. Replace with new Platinum plugs


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The spark plugs on the 2nd bank are behind the engine under the crow bar. They can only be felt with hands follow the spark plug wires. Change the spark plugs are very easy but needs the proper spark plug socket and the wrench extension.

There are six plugs. The plugs are located at the end of the spark plug wire. There are 2 banks of plugs. One bank you can see and the other bank is located ib the back of the engine.

My guess is that it is a 3.1L motor correct?? If so, you remove the spark plug wires from the engine bank closest to the front ( left bank ) then remove the plugs...the rear ( right bank ) is not acessable unless you remove the "dog bones" from the left bank. there should be a small bolt hole under the dog bones to put the bolt that you had removed into it to pull the engine closer to the front. then remove the wires from the right bank and remove the plugs. make sure all the spark plugs are properly gapped using a spark plug gapper.. highly recommend that you use dielectric grease on the insides of the spark plug wire boots to prevent seizing and corrosion, then on the spark plugs use a small amount of anti-seize grease on the threads of the plugs also to prevent seizing and corrosion

you need to change your plugs of change your plug wires reguarding bank 1 lean fuel mixture you will have to change your 02sencer

remove the pretty plastic on the top of the motor once remove you will have direct access to the front 3 spark plugs, to remove the rear spark plugs remove the intake manifold and then you will be able to access the back bank of spark plugs. then reassemble everything. tools needed ratchet and sockets and large extension

Front bank of plugs are easy. Back bank of plugs are more difficult but can be reached from the right side(drivers side) of the engine. Make sure engine has cooled before attempting to reach in behind the engine...thereis an exhaust manifold and shield there which can be very hot.

There are 8 spark plugs. This answer is in error. There may be 8 for the V-8, but I'm seeing 2 plugs per cylinder on the V-6. Three coils, each bank with 2 plug wires out of each one. Total 12 plugs fro the V-6

In 1996 the largest bank in the world was the Tokyo-Mitsubishi bank

sounds like it is running lean on bank 2 and you probably have a bad upstream oxygen sensor. If you look under the hood right in front you will see the exhaust pipe. There will be two what look like spark plugs with wires coming from them, that's them. the top one is upstream.

This is tight quarters but it can be done without tearing out the manifold and such.You need a ratchet ,extension and socket and patience.. Good luck.....

it is the sensor that is just off the exhaust mainfold ussualy under the spark plugs

In 1996 the largest bank in the world was the Tokyo-Mitsubishi bank

take the upper intake off then you can get to the plugs good New Answer: I had trouble getting access to the rear plug wires and trouble getting a plug threaded once I got one out. I removed the plenum, about six nuts, to get better access to the rear bank . Nothing mysterious, leaking, or needing new gaskets under the plenum. Was able to get the spark plugs in and out that way.

Soot, or dry fouling of the plugs is a result of unburned fuel. The causes are (in order of likelihood) 1. Not enough air. 2. Weak Spark. Failed spark plug(s). 3. Too much petrol. 4. Ignition timing incorrect. The main thing to establish is the soot on all plugs or just one or a number. If all, then 1,2,3 & 4. If just one or two, or a bank if multi carbed, then focus on that bank.

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Remove oil filler cap, remove plastic cover (3 screws), remove air filter, remove coil packs, spark plugs can then be replaced. don't forget the three in the rear bank!

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The rear bank from underneath, -- A hoist helps alot

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it's very EZ to change the fron and the back bank, just remove plastic covers and pull out one plug at a time and replace, use thread grease and torque. I did this on 1998 and there was plenty of room to work.

I'm not a machanic and i had no problems with this operation. The front bank is pretty easy. Just remove the cover over the plugs and change them out. The rear bank is a little more difficult. You must remove the plenem bolts covering the rear bank. Diconnect the intake tube from the throttle body. Once the intake is removed and the bolt are taken out the plenem, you should be able to lift the plenem enough to get to the plugs. The best I have found is to have a buddy handy at time of install and when you lift the plenem have the buddy hold it for you. You should be able to install the six new plugs in under an hour. Doug / / / / / / I found a link with pictures and detailed instructions. Hope this helps you out. Da Moo

I believe it means your engine is misfiring on bank one which I believe is the left or drivers side bank. Check your spark plugs and wires and see if you see any problems.

hi if you look stright forward at the front of your car when youlift the bonnett the left bank of plugs are under the inlet manifold and the right set are under the jaguar name plate , this cover on the right lifts of and reveals the coil packs the plugs are under the coil packs , you have too take the inlet manifold of to replace the left bank

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