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I assume that this is drum brakes. The hardest part is to remove the drums. Sometimes trying to release the tension on the brakes thru the adjusting hole in the back plate helps if possible, if not, then a small 5 lb hammer and banging on the face of the drum and on the sides will knock it loose. Turn the drum backwards as you bang it. Once the drum is off, you should have a brake pliers tool, this will help to remove the springs. It is also a good thing to replace the old springs with a new spring kit. The kit comes complete. Once these springs are used too much they get weak and may cause wheel lock up on front wheel drive auto's. And, in today's tech. take a picture of the brake set up so as to assemble it easier. Also a good thing to replace the drums or have them turned.

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Q: How do you change the rear brakes on a 1992 ford Topaz?
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