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worked for my 2001 GolfI got this from another web site but found it so useful that I had to come back here and post it. I cant believe that the owners manual suggests that you take it to the dealer.

All you do is get a little pocket flat head screwdriver.

Flip the key open, then put the blade in the cut line between the two key halves now visible where the key shank was.

Give the blade a twist and the two halves will pop apart.

Once apart, the battery is in the half that the key is NOT attached to. Pry off the back side of that half and there is the battery.

Hope this helps-it was more difficult to try to explain clearly than you think!!

thanks to Jason for this answer

PS no need to remove the little screw in the back of the remote. I have no idea what this does.


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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:25:33
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Q: How do you change the remote control battery for a 2003 Volkswagen Golf?
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