How do you change the roller on the sliding door on 2001 Odyssey?

Remove tail light assembly * Open Hatch * Use Screwdriver to pop open the screw covers * Remove two screws * Pull the light straight back. The light is still held in with small pin so it requires a little effort. Worst case use a smooth plastic lever to pop the light back. Remove door track trim * Remove two screws at the rear of the track * Open the door all the way and remove one bolt in front of track * Slide the track backward to pop it off Disable the electric doors using the switch above the door buttons on the dash. This will keep them from moving while you are working. You could disconnect the battery but it should be unnecessary if you press the disable switch. Disconnecting the battery will require you to reprogram the radio and clock. Remove hinge roller * Support door with a car jack or blocks of wood to hold the weight * Use a pencil to mark around the existing bracket. This will help you place the new one * Remove the bolts that hold the hinge roller to the door. * Pull the hinge roller back and remove it from the track. * Take a pair of plyers and cover the teeth with duct tape or wrap some tape around the cable to protect it. Then use the plyers to gently extract the cable from one end of the hinge roller. * Remove the cable from the other end of the hinge roller This would be a good time to clean out the track. Wipe it out with a cloth then use some steel wool to clean the track. Wipe the track down again and apply some white grease. Install new hinge roller * Reattach the cables to the new hinge roller * Mount hinge roller and line up with previous mark * Attach door track trim - put on and slide forward (2 screws, 1 bolt) * Insert rear light and screws. The whole procedure should take less than 30 minutes.