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Loosen the mounting bolt for the Power Steering pump, then loosen the tensioner bolt on the bottom of the power steering pump. (It's a long bolt that pushes the power steering pump away from the engine, which tightens the belt. Loosening this bolt will releive the tension on the belt.) When the tension is off the belt, it will slip free of the pulley and you can remove it.

Install the new belt by following the same path that the old one did. (There should be a sticker on the frame inside the hood that shows you the routing for the belt. Remember that the belt needs to pass under the pulley for the fan. Once you have the new belt in place, tighten the tensioner bolt on the power steering pump to snug up the belt. Make sure it's good and snug; you don't want more than 1/4 inch of total play in the belt.

Tighten the mounting bolt for the power steering pump, then start the engine and watch the belt to be sure it's centered on the pulleys and not slipping. Run the air conditioner and make sure the belt doesn't squeal. If it does, shut the engine off and tighten the tensioner some more. (Remember to loosen the mounting bolt first, and tighten it back up after you've adjusted the tensioner.)

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Q: How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?
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