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How do you change the serpentine belt on a 95 Pontiac Bonneville without supercharger?


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I just picked-up a 1998 Bonny, I think it is pretty much the same thing. Bad news. This should be a very simple job, Pontiac on my 98 felt the need to have me lift the motor just to get the belt off. That is just plain evil!

For future knowledge, this also seems to be the case with my 1995 Olds 98 regency.... this is completely assanine.... Looks like GM makes it extremely difficult for the DIYer to DIY.... :(


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Yes, I need a diagram of the serpentine belt for a 1997 3.8 liter Bonneville SE without a turbo charger.

purchase two keyless remotes without instruction. How do you program them for a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

I think you mean the Supercharger belt? You cannot drive anywhere without your accessory belt... You can drive as long as you want without your Supercharger belt but be prepared for a substantial loss in power.

yes. I've had my 97 riv over 4yrs and have thrown 3 serpentine belts and have went without one for 4 months before replacing it again.

Yes, you can drive without the Supercharger belt for as long as necessary.

I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix and the two Serpinetine belts broke. I put a belt on without putting on the second supercharger belt on and I am driving it now until I get the other belt. If you look at the routing of the belt all of the normal systems run without the second belt.

as long as the air to fuel ratio hasn't changed...too lean is bad...too rich is bad...I doubt it would hurt too much...DaveAnswerThe GTP can be run without the supercharger. The supercharger only runs when you get into boost. It does not effect the operation of the motor. You just will have extremely low performance due to not running it.

The Buick that was supercharged was called the Ultra. On the engine there is another unit mounted on top of the engine. It is driven by a separate belt from the drive shaft. The engine without the supercharger has only one serpentine belt.

If the key for the Pontiac has a security chip in it as well, simply wait about fifteen minutes without doing anything and then your car should start. If the key does not have a security chip you may have to remove the battery to reset the system.

The Camshaft Sensor is located right behind the crank shaft fly wheel and can be very hard to change out without consulting a mechanic first.

I have a 1999 with the 3800 engine. The owner's manual says the horsepower is 205 without the supercharger and 240 with the supercharger.

I work at Napa Auto Parts, and we only have one belt listed. Part # 25061025

A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running With engine running should read approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

Go to any auto parts store and see if Pontiac sold a 1963 Model with the 3.1 V6 without an air conditioner. If not a belt from any GM model equipped without A/C and the 3.1 V6 should work.

This really is a pain The heater core is in a tray like thing under the dash in the centre of the dash It is a real pain to get this out without breaking it and then without damaging the heater core. You really really need a manual with pictures to do this correctly

Almost every car ever will not start without a serpentine belt. The serpentine bell acts similarly to a pulley. It's movement causes everything else to rotate and move. If you look at an engine, there's a number of circular shapes where the serpentine belt goes. It uses traction to rotate them.

Yes. Not for long. The water pump, and alternator are driven off of the serpentine belt. If you remove it, your car will prolly die from lack of electrical power before it overheats. If you are removing it because of something not there, I.e. A/C Compressor you can buy a shorter belt for the non-A/C model, or you can get a "dummy" idler pulley to replace it.

yes u can just get a belt for your car but w/o ac and follow the diagram that's under the hood

Yes it will I had a tensioner pulley give out on mine that had to be replaced due to having an incorrect belt, and incorrect routing. I ran for over a week while I waited for the proper belt, and replacement pulley to get to me. The Supercharger does indeed make a difference in power, but if you have to run without it you'll be ok. I wouldn't bypass the supercharger on purpose because it may even decrease your gas mileage, but again the car will run without it if need be. 11/11/07 -After 10 years of ownership, and 30 minutes of running my GTP without the supercharger belt, I believe it will continue to run successfully at a greater level naturally aspirated. I will report the results as they come...

I have not seen a way to do it without removing the steering wheel (and airbag).

this is actually a yes and no answer. because the supercharger only engages when the throttle is pressed hard enough, yes it is possible to drive it without a supercharger. the no part of the answer is that any time you try to speed up quickly or pass someone the computer will tell the fuel pump to dump lots of fuel into the injectors to compensate for the added air the supercharger is supposed to be ramming into it. if the supercharger isn't producing air the engine will flood and stall.

You would need to remove the pulley and place a smaller pulley on to make the supercharger turn faster and pump more air. This can be done to a point but if you go too small without doing alot of other modifications to the intake and exhaust you will burn up your motor in no time. Check out the following website. http://www.gtpworld.com/index.html Read and learn from others mistakes. Hope this helps.

The GTP is supercharged and the the GT is just the 3800 engine without a supercharger

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