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How do you change the spark plugs on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer 4WD 5.0l?


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If you open you hood you will see your distributer. The distributer is a round object will wires protruding from it. When you follow those wires you will find you cylinders. Buy the new spark plugs and get a 3/8 ratchet with a 4in. extension and the proper spark plug socket for your spark plugs. When you get to your cylinder you need to disconnect the wires and use the ratchet to pull the old spark plugs out of the cylinder. Always check the gap on your new spark plugs to the right gap, which is indicated in you owners manual.

The 5.0L engine models require you to remove the front wheels to gain access to the plugs. Behind the wheels, inside the wheel wells, is a flexible curtain or splash shield that is held in by plastic friction pins. These can be remove with the curtain still attached by pulling on the material at each pin location. If the material is old or worn and it tears, a new splash shield(s) can be purchased from the dealer for around $35 a pair.

Once the front wheels are off and the spash shield curtains are removed, you will have clear access to the plugs and wires. Make sure you remove the wires one at a time slowly twisting the wire and pulling gently so as not to damage the plug wire.

After the plug is removed, make sure that the replacement plug are double platinum type and not single platinum. The double platinum are preferred for replacements


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jack up car and change plugs from behind each front tire.

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Hello I had to remove the curtains from the inside of the front fender wells to access the spark plugs on my 1998 Mountaneer. Be prepared to replace the curtains because most of the clips will break when removed. Hope this helps.

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