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How do you change the sparkplugs and wiring on a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix LE V6?


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2011-09-13 00:26:07
2011-09-13 00:26:07

The front plugs are simple to get to, just follow the wires down to them. The rear ones are a slight bit more difficult. Make sure to set the parking break, block the wheels, or both. There are 2 engine mounts (look kinda like dog bones) that go from the front end to the engine. Remove the one that does not have an extra little loop underneath and remove the engine side bolt from the other. Make sure that the car is not going to move, put the transmission in neutral. You can easily rock the engine forward and reinstall the bolt that you removed from the mount that is still on the car through the smaller hole on the bottom of the dog bone. You should be able to access the rear plugs without much trouble.

i removes my alternator and they sit right there without removing the engine mount.


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