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Where are the oxygen sensors on a 2000 Pontiac grand am and how do you change them?


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where are the oxygen sensors on a 2000 Pontiac grand am and how do you change them?


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The o2 sensors on the 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT are found screwed into the exhaust pipe. There are 2 of these on the 2002 Grand Am GT.

see if your local library has a manual for free d

In the exhaust pipe just past where it connects to the exhaust manifold. This will be at the back of the engine.

Yes, there is a diagram available for the 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE 3400 engine sensors. It is found in the maintenance book bought at local auto part shops.

they have 2 o2 sensors on the muffler ELIA

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The oxygen sensor on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am is found near the catalytic converter. It will be place on the piping which leads to the catalytic converter.

on the exhaust manifold in front of the engine right behind the cooling fans and in the exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter

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There are 2, one before the converter and one after. The front sensor is near the firewall in the exhaust manifold. The rear is located between the converter and the resonator.

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I have an 03 grand am gt, the speed sensors are built into the hub assembly on each wheel.

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Mine is only a 4 cyl. but husband just found it located between the muffler and the catalytic converter. I got a 97 grand am se V-6 3.1L and there are two o2 sensors on it. one before the catalyic converter and one after the catalytic converter.

the web site is is a pay your library,they should have the wesite on their system.go use their computer,copies are usually .15 per page.

A 49 state emission engine has 2 sensors, a California state emissions systems has 4 sensors.

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