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I advise you to visit If you go to the forums, you'll find your answer.

I agree with the pointer to and have added 2 "Related Links" to jump you straight to a couple of Starter specific threads.

Here's a few of my thoughts

  • This is NOT the traditional starter mounting - it sits on TOP of the transmission bell-housing, towards the back, just in front of the firewall.
  • Start removing all sorts of like air filter housing, to clear a access / wrenching area.
  • Disconnect the transmission dipstick tube - don't remove, just unbolt
  • Some recommend removing the throttle body, I didn't and don't think it's necessary
  • Accessing the back starter mounting bolt is a breeze
  • Accessing the FRONT mounting bolt is a "female dog" and here's the tip that worked for me:
    • A LONG 13 mm ratchet FLEX wrench - slide it down between the cooling hoses. Getting torque on it to break the bolt loose is really difficult - cursing while trying does help.
  • If I were to do it again, I would be very very tempted to drain the coolant down and be able to disconnect the large hoses in the area. Yeah, I know that's pretty stinking hard too, but they sure got in the way.

    If you consider going that direction, be sure to look into buying one of those cable-operated hose clamp tools! Autozone and Sears are just 2 sources - about $40 or so. If you ever deal with factory hose clamps, you will give this tool a velvet lined case of its own after the first time you use it.

There's more, but I'm working off memory just now - I'll come back and fill in more details...

2 bolts straight down the one to the front of car under intake you need a 13 mm wrench the one to the back side 13mm socket and a long ext

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That's impossible, don't do it.

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Q: How do you change the starter of a 2.5 DOHC v6 1998 Ford Contour-Mercury Mystique?
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