How do you change the starter on a 1999 Ford F150?

Disconnect the positive post of the battery cable. Underneath the passenger side of the truck you will find the starter. It is bolted to the bell housing of the transmission. It will take a 13mm socket and extension. After removing the two bolts you will be able to pull the starter out of the housing area and disconnect the wires on the solenoid.

Starter Removal & Installation

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Raise and safely support the vehicle.

3. Remove the starter terminal cover.

4. Remove the terminal nut and separate the battery starter cable from the starter motor.

5. Disconnect the solenoid (S) terminal connector, if equipped with a starter mounted solenoid.

Ø To disconnect the hard-shell connector from the solenoid (S) terminal, grasp the plastic shell and pull off; do not pull on the wire. Pull straight off to prevent damage to the connector and (S) terminal.

6. Remove the starter motor retaining bolts.

7. Remove the starter motor from the vehicle.

To Install:

8. Place the starter motor in position and install the starter motor retaining bolts. Tighten the bolts to 15-20 ft. lbs. (20-27 Nm).

9. Install the battery starter cable and a terminal nut to the starter motor. Tighten the terminal nuts to 79 inch lbs. (9 Nm).

10. Connect the solenoid (S) terminal connector, if equipped with a starter mounted solenoid.

11. Install the starter solenoid safety cap. If equipped.

12. Lower the vehicle.

13. Connect the negative battery cable.

14. Start the engine several times to check starter motor operation

Note: Disconnect both batteries if the truck has more then one.