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it is located on the driverside front ,just were the large radiator hose meets the engine .there are some screws and just make sure that the radiator is "drained or not hot" before performing this job. (severe burns can occurre) the housing is mainly plastic and the thermostat cost about $3 bucks unlike some cars it can only go in one direction so fit it and replace it with a gasket that comes with new one. it should take 30 minutes tops..

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Q: How do you change the thermostat in a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3?
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How do you change the thermostat in a 2000 ford focus SE wagon?

Replacing the thermostat in a 2000 Ford Focus SE wagon is very easy to do. First the radiator hose will need to be disconnected from the thermostat. After the hose is drained and disconnected, the thermostat can be removed by taking the two bolts off.

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Please help me!!!!!

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all you need to change the thermostat is a #25 trox driver- there are three screws 2 at the top and 1 on the lower left side

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How do you download a picture of the location of the thermostat of a 2000 ford focus?

Normally the thermostat is located at the point where the upper radiator hoses connects to the engine.

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Follow the top radiator hose from the Radiator to the engine. The thermostat is locataed under the housing that bolts onto the engine

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