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How do you change the thermostat on a 1990 Toyota Celica GT 2.2?


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2015-07-15 19:17:21
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follow the top radiator hose to the top of the block; at the end of the hose nearest the block there should be a clamp; remove clamp and pull off hose; there should be two bolts on the part that the hose had been connected to; remove bolts and pull piece off; thermostat should be there; pull thermostat out w/hand; place new thermostat and gasket in place; relace pieces; reconnect hose w/clamp. after cranking, check hose connection area for any leaks.


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Follow the bottom radiator hose to where it meets the block.There is the thermostat housing

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follow the lower radiator hose to the engine. the hose attaches to the thermostat housing.

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