Transmission Fluid

How do you change the transmission fluid and filter on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

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2006-07-15 16:24:55

1. Make sure the fluid is warm. Warm up the car so the

transmission is at normal operating temperature. Pull the

transmission dipstick (located near the firewall in most cars).

Fresh fluid is translucent and cherry red. Some darkening is

normal, but if it is reddish brown or mustard color and smells like

burnt varnish, it is worn out. 2. Drain the fluid by loosening the

pan. Select the correct filter replacement based on pan shape and

prepare a large pan to catch the fluid. Then loosen each pan bolt a

turn or two and loosen one corner more than rest. Drain mostly from

this corner. 3. Finish removing the pan and any gasket material

from the pan or case. Avoid scratching the metal and make sure the


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