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The 1989 Honda Civic is not equipped with an EGR valve.

You can change a Honda Civic HX transmission to a manual transmission. It is not an easy job to do.

Take it to a Honda Civic garage / mechanic.

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No. For the most part, Civic and Accord parts are not interchangeable.

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The fuse for the washer fluid spray may be malfunctioning if it is not working on the 2005 Honda Civic. Check the fuse and make sure it not blown.

cause its a civic that Honda makes

Per Honda Civic manual, at every 3 years independent of mileage !

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A 1 Honda Civic 8th Gen. : Oil change + Tire rotation

You might be talking about the engine splash shield

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To change fuel injectors on a 2002 Honda Civic unclip them from the harness. The fuel rail will need to be removed and the injectors will be able to come off.

If the windshield washer pump on a '93 Honda Civic is in the same place as a '94 Honda Civic, it is located on the drivers side front fender between the wheelwell and the fender. First, turn your steering wheel as far as possible to the right so that the tire will be out of the way. Next, you have to separate the bumper's side fairing from the vehicle to expose the washer resovoir(sp). Next, disconnect the power to the pump by unplugging the snap-on connector. Next, place your hand on top of the washer pump by the prongs. Pull downwards and the pump will pop out of the resovoir tank.

You will need to change the brakes and rotors on the Honda Civic to see if that fixes them. If not, take the car to a mechanic and have them fix the problem.

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