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You need to remove the battery first. Remove all the small bolts holding the battery tray in. Some will break. Remove the bolt just below the top of tank. go into fender well and remove 4 or 5 plastic retainers, to gain access to tank. there is 1 bolt holding tank. before you drop tank, unplug 2 pump motors plugs, 1 sensor plug. At the top follow the black plastic hoses to you see couplings. Unplug them. pull tank out from bottom. You will have 2 pumps. Look close at the pump at the very bottom. the plastic cap will crack and be causing your leak. Pump at advance cost 18.00. Hope this helps. Ron

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โˆ™ 2008-05-29 01:14:50
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Q: How do you change the windshield wiper container in a 2001 Chevy Tahoe?
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Firstly, check your owners manual for the exact location of the windshield washer container. Add the recommened type of wahser.

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on these ones it is easier to take off the driver front tire and take out the inner fender wheel well , u can see everything from there,,hope this helps out

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