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How do you change to PS belt on a 97 Dodge Stratus es v6 25l?


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2008-08-30 22:13:13
2008-08-30 22:13:13

The tension is on the power steering pump with 3 bolts 2 on the front of the pump and 1 on the back side wich is easier from under the car. once the tension is releases the belt easily comes off.this is not a fast easy job.takes time and patience


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Take it to a shop!!! We bought a Chilton Manual for the car, followed all the steps, and when we got to removing the timing belt to get to the water pump, we couldn't get the bolts loose. We already had the water pump and called around and got prices on having it put in. Labor ranged from 200-500 but was worth it. It is listed as a 6 hour job. Our mechanic is great and he told us how hard it was for him to do it. Also because you have to take the timing belt off....if you don't know what you are doing, you will never get it back properly. Chrysler put the water pump in a horrible location.

Best advice take it to a garage and let them do it. If you choose to do it yourself go by the parts store first and pick up an intake manifold gasket set. In order to get to the rear spark plugs you need to remove the upper half of the intake manifold as well as the EGR valve. Once that is off the plugs are right there. While you have everything else off it wouldn't hurt to invest in some new plug wires, rotor button and cap. This is not a hard job it just takes a while and is frustrating.

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it is directly below the intake manifold on the engine block. i do believe it is the only 1/2 inch hose connected to the intake plenum.

It's right on the throttle body, just to the left of the center of the motor (top of motor, easy to see) Regards


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