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You can change the rear end of a 1988 Suzuki Samurai to Posi-trac by opening the differential and removing the existing ring and pinion gears. The Posi-trac assembly is then install and the gears put back in place.

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How exactly does the positrac work on the rear end of a Plymouth?

Click the link for you answer.

What kind of rear end gears come in a 85 buick grand national?

8.5 3.73 Positrac

How do you change the rear tire on a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?

You don't.

How do you replace a rear Universial JOINT on 1987 suzuki samurai?

like any other one take the drive shaft off and change it

Does a 1966 mustang have positrac?

No, not originally. Many 'resto-mods' install bigger rear ends with posi-traction, however. If it's a car being billed as 'all original', it will not have posi.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1986 samurai?

Passenger side, rear of the engine

What kind of automatic transmission is in a 1994 dodge Dakota 3.9 liter v6?

It is a A500 standard 4 spd with OD feature usually and the rear diff is a 8.25 limited slip (positrac)

What other rear end differentials will fit a 79 firebird?

A complete rear end? If so, any 70-81 Firebird, Trans Am or Camaro. Keep a couple things in mind. ALL Trans Ams were equipped with a positrac....but the Z28 may or may not be. Also, a lot of 79-81 Trans Ams will have disc brake rear ends. You'd need to change your master cylinder and proportioning valve if you don't have a disc brake rear now.

Is the rear window on a 92 Chevy excab 1500 enterchangeable with the 88 regular cab?

In 1988 there was a body style change , if the 1988 is the new body style then Yes you can.

How do you remove front and rear differential gears from a 1986 suzuki samurai?

Download the FREE Suzuki Samurai Shop Manual from zn

Where is rear brake adjuster on 1987 suzuki samurai?

Download the FREE Suzuki Samurai Shop Manual from or visit zn

Do you need a special tool to change the rear brake pads on a 1988 Nissan Pintara wagon rear wheel drive?

It is rentable at a lot of parts stores.They should show you how to use it.

Does a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity have rear struts?

No there are shock absorbers on the rear.

Where is fuel filter located on 1988 Chevy Celebrity Is it easy to change?

The fuel filter on a 1988 Chevy celebrity 2.5 litre FI is located right in front of the rear passenger side tire.

What year did they stop making the samurai?

1994 was the last year they imported to the US. In PUERTO RICO the last SAMURAI year 1995 (rear stop light in in spare tire mount)

Is the 1988 Cadillac Brougham front or rear wheel drive?

Rear wheel drive.

How do you change the rear sidelight on a Lexus RX300?

how to change the rear sidelight on a Lexus 350

How do you remove rear axle F250 Ford?

how to remove rear axle from 1988 f250 ford

What is the correct tire pressure for a 1992 Suzuki samurai?

tire pressure for rear is to be 1barand on the front 1.7 bar

How can i improve a 1988 Chevy pickup gas mileage?

Keep it tuned, add an aftermarket air filter such as K&N, change the rear diff gear ratio,

How remove 1988 caravan wheel bearings?

Front or rear?

What is the sequence for bleeding pathfinder brakes on a 1988?

Rear, then front.

Is a 1993 Nissan truck rear bumper interchangeable with a 1988?


Will a 1988 caprice rear end fit a 1979?


How do you change a rear hub on a Chevrolet Cobalt?

how to change rear hub on 2006 chevy cobalt 2.2l