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How do you change your Gmail account?


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You have to create a new Gmail account in order to change it. The Gmail account already cannot be changed. You can export the contacts and the mails in new one.


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No you can't change a gmail account to Hotmail account. It is because they both are different mail servers. Gmail has it's unique identification.

One can change the setup of their Gmail Outlook account by going to the gear icon and then select settings. Once in settings one can change their setup of their Gmail Outlook account.

You cannot change the email account once created by Gmail. Gmail addresses are known for uniqueness. They cannot be changed later on as it will not be unique.

You can't, You will have to make a New Gmail Account.

You can easily change your password on Gmail. The password is like the key to Gmail account. You can change it in the settings.

YouTube account is integrated with your Gmail. In order to change your profile picture in youtube account you have to change the profile picture of gmail. If you have made Your gmail account with some other ID provider ie Hotmail. You have to go to your account setting (On the right top) to change it.

That is not possible, you must create a new GMail account.

Once your Gmail id is created, it cannot be changed. You have to create a new account for that. Your Gmail ID is unique at the time of creation.

You directly cannot convert Yahoo account to a Gmail one. It is because both of them use different domain names. You cannot use the domain of Gmail into the domain of Yahoo.

Go To Account Settinqgs Then Click Change Name

Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on "Settings" at the top right of the web page.

You can change the settings of your Gmail account by clicking on the button in the top right of your browser that has three lines in it. A menu will pop up and you click on Settings.

A Gmail account is formed with a password only. You can't create an account without a password. You can also change it later on.

should be able to just change main gmail account on phone. go to settings, accounts, remove gmail account and add new one. if you want separate account for email and different one for market then you might have a problem.

You cant change it. You'll have to create a new account

Go to Google.comClick 'Google Account Settings'Click 'Change Personal Information'

Under Google Account Settings look for gmail settings, then go to the themes tab.

You must go to "Account Settings" in Google.

I have a Gmail account and i did'nt have to pay for it. just create a account on google..because if you have google you have Gmail!!

You can switch from Yahoo account to Gmail account easily. The account can be created on Gmail account. You can export all the data from yahoo account as well.

No, But you can sign up for YouTube with that Gmail Account!

Gmail and Google account are the same thing. The account created for Gmail can be used for Google. It is because Gmail itself is a a part of Google.

You can't change your email address. You will need to make a new account.

You can change any information about your Gmail account. The information is the one posted at the time of registration. The information is present in the settings.

Changing password of Gmail is very easy, You have to just remember your original password. Go in the account settings and you can find a way to change it.

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