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You do not charge a battery using a battery eliminator. The eliminator is not a charger, it is an eliminator that allows you to run the device.

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Q: How do you charge a battery using a battery eliminator?
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How do you use a 9 volt battery in a simple circuit?

May be using a battery eliminator and setting it up at 9 volts

What happen when you charge a mobile battery using paper?

That is ridiculous. You cannot charge a battery using paper.

Does the Kindle have to be on or off to charge the battery?

You can do both. You can charge while using kindle of u can just charge by not using kindle.

Use of battery eliminator?

A battery eliminator is a device that can be used to power a piece of equipment that is usually powered by batteries. It can be used to power things like radios, toys, and small electronic appliances.

How do make battery eliminator?

a battery eliminator is an electronic circuit which enables the user to run a device which is normally powered by a battery, by using outlet AC power without having to replace a run down battery. the pros for using a battery eliminator is that the device can run continously without having to replace any battery. the cons of using a battery eliminator is that the portablity / freedom to move anywhere without trailing cumbersome wires is lost. moreover the device should have a builtin receptacle to accept power from a battery eliminator. most importantly the user should preferably use a manufaturer supplied eliminator , since the user then does not have to know all the technical specifications and designs requirements which are needed to make your own battery eliminator. just for info , the following info is a must to construct a battery eliminator. 1 ) The outlet power supply voltage at the place of use & appropriate plug supply cord for the same which will be used to connect the eliminator 2 ) The device DC operating voltage & expected current drain in operation 3 ) The appropriate jack plug which will be suitable for the device and the polarity of the connection , since the output of the eliminator is DC. 4 ) A step down transformer of suitable rating as per points 1 & 2 5 ) Rectifier Diodes , Circuit board to mount the components , Electrolytic cap of rating as may be required with reference to pt.2 The output of stepdown transformer is fed to the rectifier device which converts the AC power available from the transformer to DC. A electrolytic capacitor is used to smoothen out the variations in DC output of the rectifier & make it simulate a constant battery voltage. This description is just for info since it is impossible to give a full construction detail here suitable for any application.

How do you charge a 7.2V Li-ion battery without using the specified battery charger?

There is no safe way to charge ANY battery without a charger rated for that particular battery. You could easily destroy the battery if you try.

How can you charge your handphone battery 3.7v by using 9v battery without damaging it?

use inverter

Does charging your laptop and using it run the battery down?

better to charge battery and use it until it needs the next charge than leaving it plugged in

How long do you need to charge your car battery using an automatic battery charger?

If it is an automatic charger let it charge until the charger shuts off.

Can a battery operated device be changed over to electric?

Yes. All you need is a battery eliminator with the right characteristics.

What is used to drain the charge in the paper when printing with a laser printer?

The static-charge eliminator strip or roller.

Can you charge mobile battery using torch cell?

No, you can not charge a mobile battery using torch cell. <<>>> i think charger need and mobile the same. also battery.

Which camcorder battery charges fastest and actually holds the charge longest?

Samsung batteries are quality and will charge well, but it depends more on the type of charger you're using when focuing on battery charge times.

How you can charge 12 v lead battery by using solar?

Yes, if you have a 12 V solar battery charger.

Can you drain a car battery by charging another car battery?

only if the car your using to charge the other on is not started

Can you charge battery on BMW x5 using jump start connections?

Yes, but this is not a good idea as it puts a heavy load on the donor car alternator and may damage it. Use a battery charger to charge the battery.

Could one jump a car battery using a fully charged deep cycle battery?

Do you wish to jump a car with a deep-cycle battery, or do you wish to charge another battery using the deep-cycle battery?

How long should it take to charge a car battery using 6ampheres?

Depends on how low of charge the battery is. I would guess around 6 hours on a dead battery. I suggest you use an automatic charger so you do not have to guess.

Can you mess up your ipad charging it and using it?

No. That's a normal cycle. Use the iPad, then charge it to restore battery power. It might be best to charge only when the battery power gets low, instead of plugging it in each time you are not using it.

What is use battery eliminator?

It lets you run whatever it is from a wall outlet instead of from batteries.

How much time does it take a car alternator to charge a battery?

It varies depending on how much other electronics you are using on the vehicle at the time. Could take hours. I do not recommend you charge any dead battery with the alternator if you can avoid it. it puts too much of a strain on the alternator and may damage it. Charge a dead battery with a battery charger.

How do you charge the battery of a 1996 Oldsmobile aurora?

Before you try to charge it with a batter charger. take the battery to an autozone or similar to test the batter and see if its still hold a charge. or if you know that the battery is good then jump start it using another car battery with jumper cables. just remember RED to + and Black To -

Can you charge a gas scooter battery using a car charger?

As long as it is a 12 volt battery you can if you set the charger on low.

How do you charge your iPod using ps2?

Put it Close To The Ps2 Then Start Yelling To The iPod CHARGE CHARGE CHARGE And In 5 Seconds You Will Have 100% Battery . Your Welcome . c;

How do you charge battery with ac power supply I have a 12 volt dc battery and im trying to charge it with a power supply rated at 0-40 volts 0-5 amps?

You should charge the battery with the proper battery charger. The battery charger should list what types of batteries, voltages, and charge rates (amps) it is compatible with. Make sure this matches the information on the battery to be charged. Using the incorrect battery charger can cause battery explosion, leaking, or fire.