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How do you charge your air conditioner on your 1991 Toyota Previa and what kind of freon do you use?


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2008-08-19 00:48:10
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Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

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I have a 93 previa. I took it to a mechanic because it wasn't cooling. they recharged it after replacing the nipple on the system with one that takes the newer freon.

A Toyota Echo air conditioner is designed to cool the vehicle. If the air conditioner stops working, it could be low on freon or the motor could have seized.

The 1994 Toyota uses are R-136 Freon. The air conditioning compressor Freon capacity is five pounds. The manufacturer recommends you never overfill the air conditioner compressor.

FREON!! but you can convert it to R-132a. Buy a kit on any auto parts dealer.

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I just replaced the freon in my air-conditioner but it still blows warm in my 02 toyota echco ...Is there a possible problem somehere?

you use freon to cool your car and make the air conditioner work

The refrigerant (freon) in any air conditioner should last the life of the unit. If not, you have a leak.

There shouldn't be any danger of running without the air conditioner freon in it. Except for when it is really hot outside and you are sweating like crazy. (Just kidding)

The amount of Freon you will need to recharge your air conditioning system is dependent upon how low the Freon level is. You should begin with a one pound bottle of Freon.

If you are talking about removing the freon in the a/c system then you will need a freon reclaimer.............

Common name is Freon.Common name is Freon.

Low on charge or freon. Or a lack of air flow(fan motor doesn't work or the coils are blocked with dirt)

it simply means you have to add freon to ur air can buy freon at any auto parts store.

Your 1993 Ford Taurus air conditioning system has a Freon capacity of 5.5 pounds. You should never overfill the air conditioning Freon.

Yes, call a certified technician to do the replacement of the freon.

Air conditioners manufactured between 1970 and 2010 use Freon as a coolant. Freon is scheduled to be phased out of usage by 2020. Newer air conditioner models use a different type of coolant.

Freon for your cars air conditioner

No, you have to call a repair man to come do it for you, unless you have to have a licences to work with freon.

Freon mixed with refrigerate oil will have a slight smell.................

You can recharge your 1998 Mercury air conditioner by connecting your Freon bottle to the low pressure port. You can find the low pressure port on top of the air conditioner compressor. Release the Freon into the compressor.

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