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How do you check a 98 S10 pickup 4-cylinder for correct timing?


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2015-07-15 20:49:41
2015-07-15 20:49:41

You can't,they have a crankshaft position sensor which sends the location of the crank to the computer, the timing is then electronically adjusted by the computer also taking into account engine rpm, temp,air density,throttle position etc.Thats what peformance chips alter to produce more h.p. . L. Keedy


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check both of your pulleys,they have marks on them.

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where are the timing marks on a ford ka 1.3 and how do i check the timing is correct

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First place there is no need to set the timing if the distributor has not been moved. And there is no wire to unhook.The ignition timing is controled by the ECM / engine control module. If the timing is off you will have a check engine light on. If the light is not on, then the timing is correct. No need to bother, The computer is taking care of it.You have to have a OBD II engine scanner to set the timing.

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It has a timing chain. The timing chain is on the front of the engine. But before messing with it ,I would have the timing check first. You may have something else wrong,like a sensor or a vaccum leak.

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