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How do you check and read the problem codes for a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?


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You can cause the "CHECK ENGINE" light to blink the error codes.

Without starting the engine, turn the ignition key on, off, on, off, and back to on.

The "CHECK ENGINE" light will flash the first digit, pause and then flash the second digit of any stored error.

Example:one flash and pause and eight flashes = number 18 error code.

You can also try this inclusive web page that can itemize most error codes for you. To read them from the car's computer you need an ODBII compliant reader , either computer program or utility tool from most car part retailers.. ie about $200


1995 grand Cherokees are not ob 2 compliant listen to the first bit of information because it is correct. When you are turning the key switch back and forth 2 or three times between acc and off.