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You can go into the internet browser and then go to After that log in if you have AOL and your set.

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Q: How do you check email using a PSP?
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Is the Psp able to access email and the internet?

The PSP can check your email and browse the internet with it's wifi capailities.

How do you check your email using comcast?


How do you check in on Facebook?

Using My Email ID

Which psp firmware is best?

it depends on your psp. for example i am using PSP-2000 which i use firmware 4.01 and for my PSP-3000 i am using firmware 5.03.

What are the benefits of using Verizon webmail?

When using Verizon webmail, one can check their verizon email from any computer that has access to the internet, and can also link nine other email addresses to their Verizon email.

Are there cheats on NASCAR 07 on PSP?

Yes there is cheat in Nascar 07 in psp just email me

How do you call your friends PSP with your PSP and what is my PSP number?

skype and to check ur number look on the botto mof the psp

How do you check your Yahoo email?

How do you check your email

Can you play iso on your psp 3000 using ChickHEN R2 PS my software is 5.03 gen-a full and what is a good ds emulator for the psp?

Yes! you can not just iso but cso and psxI have a PSP 3003 and Im using ChickHEN by daveeCheck this site for more info on how to do it:http://pspmygames.blogspot.comDSONPSP v0.7 is a good DS Emulator for PSP

Can you have hotmail on PSP?

U can check hotmail on your psp by typing in

Explain the benefits of using an email in terms of the portability?

There are many benefits to using email when it comes to portability. You can check your email in airports, at work, in your home, and is much faster than sending a letter through regular mail.

Can a PSP go and a PSP 3000 ad hoc using the PSP go's game?


Is the PSP Internet free?

the psp using wifi so if u have wireless in ur house u can connect to it using ur psp and browse the internet

How do you download a PSP game in PSP using your computer?

You don't use a computer, you connect to the PSN using the PSP itself, you purchase and download games straight from there.

How to chat from PC to PSP using gomessenger?

just get psp vista......

How muh is a PSP?

Check you spelling please.A psp costs about 199.99 dollars.

Can you download a game on your PSP by installing it from your computer onto your PSP?

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.

Can you send pictures saved on a psp by email to others?


How do you get your email address on your PC to check your inbox?

try using e-mol.comYou can access emails online using this. It is safe MAtt :)

Can you check your emails on PSP 3000?


I signed up for Facebook yesterday and i haven't gottne a email from you?

Check your spam box. If not, Try creating an email on yahoo and create a new facebook using the email you just created.

How do you charge a PSP from a computer?

You plug the PSP into the computer using a USB cable.

What is isa Hotmail?

"Hotmail" is a website used to check email. You can set up accounts using Hotmail to send and receive emails. For example: If i were to set up an email account using Hotmail (Which i do have BTW), my email address could be

How do you mofify your PSP? check the forums/tutorial/psp/hack ur psp mega thread

Do used psp go's come with games?

Go to and check their used psp sexction.