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Hi, You can use a infrared imager and view through it to see where your walls are warmer and also you can use a lazer digital temperature meter to do much the same.
This will show you the uneven heat loss through uninsulated walls and insulated walls so you'll pretty much know where you stand. Hope this helps: Jimiwane

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Q: How do you check for missing insulation in walls?
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How do you use the word insulation in a sentence?

Most houses have insulation in the walls. Copper wire is coated in plastic for insulation.

How do you reduce noise between walls in bedrooms?

By using acoustic insulation in the walls.

Is insulating walls cheap?

Insulation is relatively cheap, certainly when compared to the possible gain in terms of heating costs. Rolled insulation or "batts" of insulation can be put up very easily if your walls are open. If your walls are closed foam is still a possibility.

Can you spray on insulation onto metal walls?

It yes

Where may you find insulation in your home?

In the ceiling and the walls

What keeps heat in a room?

The walls, the roof, and insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation?

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What is a radiant pool?

above ground pool walls have insulation in them

What is something that can be blown inside walls?

Foam or fibre insulation.

Foam Insulation Installation?

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What can happen if insulation is installed wrong in a attic?

the insulation can collect moisturethe insulation can fall through the walls to lower floors (this is true of some blowin/pourin insulation types)etc.

Are there any Insulation companies that blow insulation in exterior walls, for residental.?

Sustainable Resources Center does insulation like that Minneapolis, MN - (612) 870-4255

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