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Use a multimeter set to continuity position and touch one probe from your multimeter to each conductor. If you hear a tone from the multimeter then your fuse is good.

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Q: How do you check household fuses to find out which one is not working?
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Where do you find a fuse?

It depends on where it is installed. Household fuses are always in the fuse box. When power goes out in your house, you check the fuse box first.

Why would windshield wipers stop working on Saturn?

Normally its a fuse. Check your owner's manual to find where the fuses are and which one is related to the wipers.

How do you find relays in 95 jeep?

Check the drivers manual, fuses and relays are listed in there.

Where to find household DJ mixers?

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Can you install a cb radio in your vehicle without a cigarette lighter working?

Yes just go to the fuse panel and find a 12 volt source that is turned on with the key and tie into that or check your fuses to the ciggarette lighter

How do you know which fuse is for the tail lights you have no diagram and some of your fuses are missing?

You didn't say whether or not your tail lights were working or not , before you found fuses missing. If they were, then the missing fuses may not be missing but may be just empty clips for future add-ons. To find a blown fuse, check for a gap in the silver "wire" or link inside the fuse, that should be visible whether your fuses are the older glass fuses or the "two-legged" type fuses more commonly used today. Depending on location (not having to stand on your head to look at them) , do a visual on all of your fuses, find the bad one, and replace it with one just like it. If you can't easily access your fuse panel, you're stuck with pulling each fuse individually and doing a visual. If your lights don't work after replacing any bad fuses you may find, then check light bulbs - usually accessed from the backside of the tail light , inside your trunk (look for burnt filaments or check it with a meter).

Why won't Power locks work?

Check the fuses. You will find what each fuse does within your owners manual.

How do you troubleshoot the tail lights not working on a 99 Toyota Corolla?

The best way to troubleshoot why the taillights are not working on a 1999 Toyota Corolla is to first check all of the bulbs to see if one is burned out. Then check the fuses to see if there is a blown fuse. If the problem is still not found, a code reader in the ECU (computer) might show a code that will help find the problem.

How can you find out why your 99 Grand Am SE head lights do not come on?

AnswerThe swicth on the shift selecter is bad. or check your fuses

You have no interior lights on your 1998 vw polo?

Check the blade fuses for the interior lights. You can find them under the steering wheel if you open the glove box thing under the steering wheel. You need to remove the box, which will have the diagram of al the fuses on it. Packet of assorted fuses £2. If that doesn't work check the bulbs.

Can you find affordable prices for Inuyasha costumes and household matrials?

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What would make the turn signal and hazards on a 2000 grand Cherokee stop working I couldn't find any blown fuses any ideas?

Blown bulbs not pulling enough current to cause flashers to operate. Check your bulbs...

How do you change buick 2004 rendezvous fuses?

You will need to check your manual first to find out if the fuses you want to replace are under the hood or under the dash inside the vehicle on the passenger side panel.

Where are stx38 fuses?

The STX38 fuses are easy to find on a tractor. The fuses are located under the hood.

Why aren't your headlights working on your 1982 380sl When my battery blew up my headlights went off. I changed the battery and fuses however the headlights still are not working why?

The circuit is simple .... headlamp bulbs to relay to fuses to switch .... ttroubleshoot those items and you'll find the glitch

For some reason the cigarette lighter and the side mirrors stopped working which fuse it needs to be replace?

Find your main fuse box and examine the fuses. You can usually tell by looking at the fuses. Put the same fuse number/color back in if you find a blown one.

How do I the tail lights on my 91 Chevrolet Silverado is not working and i can't find the problem checked fuses and the wires also?

Try the light bulb.

What would cause theFans not to come on 98 cadillac?

fan relay or fuses not working properly, probly the relay, you can straight witre it to find out

Why is radio not working 1995 ford ranger?

The most common cause is al blown fuse, so you must check them all. If all fuses are ok, there may be a wiring malfuction, so you must remove the radio assembly, then check if the unit is receiving power, if so, you need to replace the radio, if it does not, then check the wiring until find out where the power is interrupted.

Your dash lights are out in your 2001 Rodeo Is there a fuse for that or do bulbs need to be replaced you don't have your manual to check the fuse diagram?

i would check fuses you can use a simple test light to check all fuses one at a time,then replace any that you find are not working connect clip to a good ground on vehicle,then with tip of test light, hold on sliver spot that can be seen on back side of fuse. then if no light in test light, put light on other silverspot. majority of fuses will need ignition switched on if no pwer to light from either sliver spot, replace the fuse

2000 Nissan Pathfinder Windshield Washer not working I cannot find a fuse for the pump motor. Does anyone know if this is fused or do I have to replace the pump motor?

use a 12v test light! to check all fuses and check power and ground at the pump..your pool pump repair guy in longwood fl.

Where is the fuse for a 2000 s 10 transmission?

on the cover of the fuse box there is a picture of the fuses and what they are for find the trans one and pull it out to check.

1987 Oldsmobile cutlass calais Cruise Control Stopped working suddenly on highway. how would i fix this fuses are good brake lights are working.?

if it is a standard transmission, check the clutch switch on the pedal, may fix the problem. it did on my accord. i own a calais w/o cruise. hope you find the problem.

Which fuse is for the turn signals in a 1992 Saturn SL1?

To find your turn signal fuse, check your owners manual. You will find a diagram of all the fuses and the location of each.

Why would a 2003 ford focus stn run well but the heat and gas gauges and speedometer are not working.?

The power or ground connections to the instrument cluster could be bad. Check the fuses, then the wiring to the dash to find a common problem for the heat, gauges and speedometer.