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whereis xinit

If nothing returns, it is not installed.

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Q: How do you check if an X server is installed in your system?
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Can MAC operating system be installed on normal PCs?

Yes and no.. Yes - With a lot of tweaking and modifications, it is possible. No - Apple does not permit OS X to be installed on non-Apple hardware. (Though OS X Server can be installed as a VM)

Is the display on the android compatible with the X windows system so that an android can be an X windows server or an X windows server can receive a window from an android?

Android X window system is an open source Java implementation of X windows.

How do you start x-windows system in Linux?

simply type, startx in the command prompt.

Can you make your own Mac server?

The Mac OS X Server software (See links below) can be installed on any modern Apple Mac computer or can be purchased ready installed on a Mac Mini ready to go.

Which X Windows system component system is used to draw the actual graphical images on your screen?

X server

Which is the operating system used in the server system?

Many operating systems are used on servers, including Linux, Windows Server, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X Server.

What is Start X in Linux?

It's a command to start the X server for running Linux in graphical mode, if you have any of the desktop environments and/or window managers installed.

How do you activate role the dice in counter strike?

If a server has installed it, you can press "y" and type "rtd". If you want to install it on your server. You will have to look for the AMX Mod X plugin.

What is unix OR linux OR mac os x server?

They are all operating system.

The Mac OS X Server kernel is derived from an operating system called what?


What does the Xming server do?

The Xming server is a display server for the X Window System, used in Windows XP and later installments of Windows. It's simplistic nature makes it easy to download.

When people describe client-server architecture they are usually referring to a system in which a large server is serving a client on a PC With X Window the reverse is frequently the case Explain?

This one of the more confusing decisions in X-Windows. The argument is that the X Terminal provides graphical services in a similar way that a print server provides printing services. So "it makes sense" to call an X terminal a server.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS X Server?

Mac OS X server is cheaper than a Windows server - for a 10-client license Mac OS X costs $499 whereas Windows costs $1,199. Mac OS X server is built on a UNIX system so meets industry standards and has years of use behind it thus rendering it a secure and simple to maintain.

Can you put Mac OS X on a Windows Computer?

Windows is an operating system for computers it is not a type of computer. Mac OS X can legally only be installed on a computer made by Apple. The Windows operating system can be purchased and installed on any suitable computer including Apple's.

What is the purpose of the X server in the X Windows system?

An X server is a program in the X Window Systemthat runs on local machines (i.e., the computers used directly by users) and handles all access to the graphics cards, display screens and input devices (typically a keyboard and mouse) on those computers.

Where can one find information about the Mac OS X server?

Mac OS Hints and MacInTouch both have information bout the Mac OS X server on their website. Wikipedia also has a page for the Mac Server. For specific questions or to purchase the system you can visit your local Apple Store.

What is the purpose of an X window in Linux?

"X Windows", also commonly referred to as the "X server", is the standard way of displaying graphics on a Linux or Unix computer. It is designed to be networkable, so you can run graphical applications installed on one computer on another.

How do you get a mac to automatically connect to a server at login?

To set up Mac OS X to connect to a server at Login: Connect to the server you want to use. Open System Preferences. Select your account from the Accounts section. Click the Login Items tab. Drag the server's icon from a Finder window into the list of Login items in the System Preferences window. Quit System Preferences.

What esx server stands for?

Enterprise Server X.....From VMWare...

How do you delete apps from iPod touch if the x wont appear?

You can't, because they are pre-installed system apps.

What is X-Windows on a Linux system?

"X-Windows", the "X server", or simply "X", is a special server designed for displaying graphics on a terminal or workstation. Originally, a more powerful server would run the applications, and a less powerful computer would just display the graphics. On today's Linux installations, the graphics server and the graphics are displayed on the same machine. For simplicity's sake, just think of it as running a remote desktop session to your own computer.

Is it possible to run Mac OS X on a server?

It is possible to run Mac OS X on a server but it is not legally as the current license tern of Mac OS X server is installing and running on Apple hardware.

What does XFS stands for in computer terms?

1) Extended File System 2) X Font Server

Can Mac OS X or Linux be used on a bootable floppy or CD?

Linux can be booted from a floppy or a CD, although very few modern distros are actually booted or installed from floppies. Mac OS X cannot be booted or installed from a floppy; the last version of the Mac operating system that could be reasonably booted from a floppy was System 6. Mac OS X versions up to 10.4 could be installed with CDs; 10.5 and later require a DVD.

What is operating system on Mac?

The default operating system on a Mac is Mac OS X but both Linux and Windows operating systems can also be installed on a Mac if required.