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whereis xinit

If nothing returns, it is not installed.

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2009-09-09 22:30:30
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Q: How do you check if an X server is installed in your system?
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Can MAC operating system be installed on normal PCs?

Yes and no.. Yes - With a lot of tweaking and modifications, it is possible. No - Apple does not permit OS X to be installed on non-Apple hardware. (Though OS X Server can be installed as a VM)

How do you start x-windows system in Linux?

simply type, startx in the command prompt.

Is the display on the android compatible with the X windows system so that an android can be an X windows server or an X windows server can receive a window from an android?

Android X window system is an open source Java implementation of X windows.

Can you make your own Mac server?

The Mac OS X Server software (See links below) can be installed on any modern Apple Mac computer or can be purchased ready installed on a Mac Mini ready to go.

Which X Windows system component system is used to draw the actual graphical images on your screen?

X server

Which is the operating system used in the server system?

Many operating systems are used on servers, including Linux, Windows Server, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X Server.

How do you activate role the dice in counter strike?

If a server has installed it, you can press "y" and type "rtd". If you want to install it on your server. You will have to look for the AMX Mod X plugin.

What is Start X in Linux?

It's a command to start the X server for running Linux in graphical mode, if you have any of the desktop environments and/or window managers installed.

What is unix OR linux OR mac os x server?

They are all operating system.

The Mac OS X Server kernel is derived from an operating system called what?


What does the Xming server do?

The Xming server is a display server for the X Window System, used in Windows XP and later installments of Windows. It's simplistic nature makes it easy to download.

What are PC based operating system?

Here are the list of operating system according to the maker:MicrosoftWindows NT 3.1Windows NT 3.5Windows NT 3.51Windows NT 4.0Windows 98Windows MEWindows 2000Windows XPWindows Server 2003Windows VistaWindows Server 2008Windows 7Windows Server 2008 R2Windows 8Windows Server 2012MacMac OS X 10.0 CheetahMac OS X 10.1 PumaMac OS X 10.2 JaguarMac OS X 10.3 PantherMac OS X 10.4 TigerMac OS X 10.5 LeopardMac OS X 10.6 Snow LeopardMac OS X 10.7 LionOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

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