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Of which low pressure switch are you speaking? Engine oil pressure switch? If you're checking that, remove the oil pressure sending unit and temporarily put in an oil pressure gauge. If you're checking the AC low pressure switch, pull the switch from the AC low pressure line, Jumper the switch socket and see if the AC compressor comes on. If it does, you either have low refrigerant pressure or a bad switch. If you KNOW the pressure is up and everything else works, you have a bad switch.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 15:56:07
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Q: How do you check if the low pressure switch on a corvette 1977 is working?
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How do you check 1984 Corvette fuel pump pressure?

With a fuel pressure gauge.

Your air conditioning compressor on a 1996 Lincoln town car wont cut in but the clutch turns freely by hand?

check to see if you have enough low side freon pressure and/or if the low pressure switch is working. bypass switch by crossing the wires of the switch with a paperclip to apply trigger voltage to the coil on the compressor,also check to see if there is voltage going to the low pressure switch,if these measures don't work,disconnect the high pressure switch to see if that switch is stuck and shutting off power thru the relay.

Why don't the taillights and dash lights for a 1966 Corvette come on?

Check fuse Could be a bad switch

Why won't headlights pop up on 1981 Chevrolet Corvette?

check vacuum lines to canister,light switch,check valve, Accuators

Parking lights not working 92 Camry?

Check bulbs Check fuses Check switch

Over heating on 1994 corvette with lots of pressure what do you need to check first?

Water level in the radiator.

How do you check 1984 corvette fuel pump?

You will need a fuel pressure guage to check the fuel pump. The pump operates at 13 psi.

Why do courtsy lamps in 1996 corvette stay on when car is off?

Check to make sure that the dimmer switch for the dash isn't stuck on high, that will make the lights stay on. Also check the door switches to make sure that they are working and making contact when the doors are shut.

What is the ac switch closest to the heater core on a 1990 corvette called Ive replaced the cyling switch for the compressor and charged the system butI still cant get the compressor to engage.?

It's the low pressure switch. Check the compressor wiring and be sure it is grounding. Sometimes the clutch gap gets alittle wide and has to be regapped.

On a 2002 Dakotathe blowermotor is not working any suggestions?

Check the fuse Check the relay Check the switch Check the resistor

Why wont the oil light go out?

The reason your oil light stays might not be nothing major it might just need oil or an oil change. To be on the safe side, check the obvious things. Check the oil level. Make sure you have the right grade and new oil. Has the filter been changed recently? Check that the oil pressure switch is working, replace or substitute known good one. Temporarily, add a pressure gauge where the oil pressure switch is and check. Check wiring to switch, it may have come loose and touching the engine, or the cable shorted to earth. If all still points to no pressure, then you have a major problem. The oil pump has stopped working or there is massive wear on all bearings. Does the engine rattle?

How do you get the reverse lights working on a 2002 Pontiac sunfire 2.2L?

Check the bulbs, check the fuse then check the switch.

Paint Tool Sai Tablet Pressure Trouble?

Check, Help/config > options. pressure should be at 0%. if not, your tablet pressure is not setted. IF 0% and not working, check the density, still not, your tablet pressure is not working all together, or not on sai.

Hyundai wipers not working replaced motor still not working any ideas where to check next?

i would check if you have power to the motor from the switch

Pressure switch adjustment?

This depends on what pressure control valve you have and the switch that comes with it. Some may be adjusted, others not, check for a small knob that you can check for pressure adjustment, best way to do this would be to open a tap (faucet) and then turn the adjustment knob down or up to the required pressure.

1994 Leberon Conv and the top is open and will not close The button to close it does not seem to be working What can you do?

Check fuses Check for power to switch Jump switch to operate

Hazards not working?

Check the bulbs, check the fuse, check the hazard flasher relay, if all that checks okay, check the hazard switch.

If the AC compressor stopped working on a 1999 Cherokee but never made noise and just quit running as if it was getting no power what could be wrong?

Check the pressure switch to the AC. migh be loss or refrigerant in system. Safety pressure switch will shut compressor down when pressure is below specs, it saves your compressor. Have a/c checked...........Mike

Will bad oil pressure switch cause check engine light to come on?

No it will not.

Emergency flashers not working on 1990 silverado?

check the flasher itself and the switch

What do i check when 1989 jeep headlights are not working?

heck the fuse first, then the switch.

How do you change the water pressure on a home well?

Check the link for answers to a lot of questions on wells and pumps. The pressure switch is the device that controls what pressures the pump will turn on and off at. This is not to say that the pressure switch makes pressure. Pressure has to be made by the pump.

1986 S-10 brake lights not working?

Check the fuse, check the bulbs and check the brake light switch.

Why Chevy Cavalier will not start?

Check if all fuses are working and see if there is any circuit short. Also check if the ignition switch is in a proper working condition.

Why the head and brakes lights are not working on 98 Camry?

2 separate circuits Check fuses Check bulbs Check stoplight switch Do tailights and dash lights work? Maybe switch