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From your cell phone, enter #646# and hit SEND. As a memory aid, 646 spells MIN for "minutes". A small report will be shown that lists minutes used and the date when your bill closes and your balance resets.-or-FOR Allowance ; - text AL to 150 for Balance ;- text BA to 150
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Q: How do you check minutes used on T-Mobile?
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Why do so many people use My TMobile to access their accounts online?

My TMobile can be used to access someone's account to check their data usage and make changes to their account. This can also be used to add minutes to a prepaid plan.

How to check text message history with tmobile?

To check text message history with T-Mobile, log into the T-Mobile My T-Mobile Online access account. This will show message usage history, minutes used, and other features.

When does tmobile night minutes end?

9pm-7am :)

How many minutes does a text cost for the Tmobile prepaid plan?


How can I find out if Tmobile has good coverage in my area?

Tmobile has a coverage map on their website located at this url: You need to go on the TMobile website and check out their coverage statistics.

How many minutes does a 10 fido card give you?

a tmobile $10 dollars refill card will give you 35 minutes.

Are there iphones that can be used for tmobile but cost 70.00?


Is it free to call T-Mobile to T-Mobile?

Actually, no. Unless you pay for the My Favorites plan, which is an additional 6 dollars a month, you don't get free Tmobile to Tmobile minutes. Back in the day, when they weren't greedy, it was a standard issue - free mobile to mobile minutes. But they put a stop to that. So unless you have the My Fav's plan, you are using your anytime minutes when you call another person on their Tmobile phone.

how do i check my tmobile phone records online?

you should go to t-mobiles website to check your phone records online

Does it cost to call 141 numbers on tmobile if you are on contract and you get 200 minutes?

Yes, it takes away some minutes, plus if you have credit it will take some too.

Do you have unlimit texting and unlimit tmobile to tmobile on prepaid plane?

They do have a Pay By The Day $1 a day plan, check it out on web site

What is one of the cheapest TMobile plans available?

The least expensive TMobile plan is forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. It includes 500 minutes and no texting. For an extra ten dollars you can add on unlimited texting.

What is the cheapest prepaid phone t mobile offers without a contract?

Tmobile does have prepaid phones without the contact. You can get unlimited text, unlimited data, and 100+ minutes to talk for about 30$. The Tmobile website has more details.

What company is bigger sprint or tmobile?

Tmobile :D

How do you check minutes used on T Mobile?

text AL to 150

What is the tmobile puk code for a lg gs170?

You have to check with your service provider because everybody has their own codeID1367473139

How much does the iPhone 4g cost for tmobile?

IPhone isn't available for TMobile. Only At&t and know Verizon. It used to be $100 and knowi think it's $350

If you have a tmobile phone is it Verizon?

No a Tmobile phone is Tmobile. T Mobile and Verizon Wireless are two completely different companies.

How much is the monthly cost of T mobile prepaid phone?

TMobile Prepaid Phones do not provide a monthly charge. Instead, you purchase your minutes upfront which do not expire. These minutes can be used as needed. If you tend to use your minutes quickly once prepaid, then it would be recommended looking at a monthly plan which can be purchased for as little as $40.

What is the tmobile phone number?

if you're talking about the one to check the balance of your pay-as-you-go phone, it's: *EASY

How do i get a tmobile account on a at&t phone?

How do i get a tmobile account on a at&t phone?

How do you unlock a tmobile HTC touch pro 2 to work with a at and t sim card?

If you have used TMobile in the past, you can unlock your HTC Touch Pro2 by calling Tmobile. Alternatively, you can purchase unlocking software on websites such as eBay which will allow the unlocked phone to work with an AT&T sim card.

Number to check minutes for boost mobile?


How can you get service from Tmobile UK?

If you want to get service from Tmobile UK, you will first have to sign up with the provider. You can do this by signing up online, or locating a local Tmobile shop.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tmobile cell phone?

The advantage of having a tmobile cellphone is the ability to choose a contract that is priced against the competition. You also get decent coverage with a tmobile phone. The disadvantage of having a tmobile phone is to not have the fastest network. Tmobile contracts also tend to be long and to break them will cost a hefty price.