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How do you check the codes on a 1989 Nissan 4-cylinder pickup?


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Chiltons owner manual has complete eccm trouble codes


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There is no OBD connection on a 1990 Nissan as that is an OBD1 vehicle not OBD2. However there is a way to read the codes.

If the check engine light stays on for the Nissan Pulsar n16, you would need to check the engine in order to clear codes. You can take the car for service and the problem will be diagnosed and restored to normalcy.

It could, have the codes read.It could, have the codes read.

Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE...

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

The average Nissan automobile has more than 400 diagnostic troubleshooting codes. You can obtain a complete list of diagnostic codes from most Nissan dealerships.

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There are pages of things that will turn the check engine light on. You need to have it checked for codes.

you need to be more specific Nissan used different methods for 87-88 vehicles 84-94 vehicles and vehicles with a check engine light.

To enter radio codes for your Nissan Navara D22, check the owner's manual. There will be specific instructions on how to enter your code correctly.

Need more info check engine light on?trouble codes?year ?

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The Check Engine Light comes on when a performance or emissions problem is detected. The OBDII diagnostics need to be scanned to retreive the trouble codes to determine where the problem lies. AutoZone will scan for the codes at no charge.

The engine coolant temp sensor can do that. If you have a check engine light on, have the codes read.

i have a Nissan maxima 2001 i have problem with abs light, don't won't to go away, what should i do about it, someone help me wit that please.

color codes for wiring on factory stereo on 2008 Nissan sentra?

something wrong on the engine get it chek for any codes

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There is something wrong. Go to auto zone and have the codes read for free.

You need an OBDII scanner to retrieve the codes.

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