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You Can Have a Transmission Shop Run A Pressure Test. Good Luck

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Where is the dipstick for automatic transmission on 2007 forester turbo?

The dipstick for an automatic transmission on a 2007 Forester turbo is in the engine compartment. It is on the front passenger side of the compartment.

Where is the front seal located in the turbo 350 transmission?

It is located at the front of the transmission, on the pump. You can see it on the pump were the torq converter goes into the transmission. The trans has to be pulled out of the car to do the repair.

How do you change the front pump on a turbo 350?

remove the transmission and torque converter. Remove the bolts from the pump (front of transmission case) and remove the pump.

How much to rebuild transmission on a 1982 El Camino?

$150.- for good working 350 turbo transmission. 402 - 505 - 6002

How do you remove turbo from Dodge Ram transmission?

A Dodge transmission does not have a turbo.

Where is the starter located on a 1998 eclipse?

It is all depends if you got a turbo or non-turbo. Non-turbo 1995-1999 have on top side of the transmission right in front of the cooling fans.

Where are the serial number of 350 turbo transmission?

The serial number of your 350 Turbo transmission can be found on the transmission. The transmission should have a specification tag. The tag should be on top of the transmission.

Why is your turbo building boost but breaking up?

Need to check if blow-by valve is working correctly.

Nissan 300zx Turbo not working?

if the turbo isn't working its blown. dummy.

Where do i put the transmission fluid in my 1987 Volvo gle turbo?

in your tranny fluid check tube you will need a funnel

Where are the casting numbers for a 350 turbo transmission for Chevy?

Pull the torque convertor out, they are on the front of the tranny inside the bell housing.

Where is the shift solenoid on a 2003 turbo pt cruiser?

The solenoid pack is on the front of the transmission case below the cooler hoses.

You are changing a turbo 350 transmission to a turbo 400 transmission what are the differences?

the 400 turbo is made for more pulling that's whats in my 85 gmc 2500 its just a heavy very expensive transmission.

Will a turbo 350 transmission fit a 300zx twin turbo?

Your and Idiot.

How do you know turbo is working on 6.5 turbo gm?

Run the truck and look and listen a hose could be blown off. All good try to run it with the air tube off the front of turbo. ! DANGER ! AND MAKE SHURE THAT NOTHING CAN GET SUCKED IN TO THE TURBO! and you can see the thing running get a OBD II check for bad codes / to little or to much fuel and such. Hope that helps good luck

How do you check an actuator on a turbo Pontiac Sunbird?

Please clarify your question and include make, model, year, engine size and transmission. Are you asking about an actuator for the turbo charger? The waste gate on the turbo charger? Or for the heater vent controls?

What transmission came in a 1979 Chevrolet El Camino?

The turbo 350 transmission came in a 1979 ElCamino.

What transmission will bolt to a Chevy 4.3?

any small block transmission a 4.3 is a 350 chev with the front 2 cylinders removed so turbo 400, 350, 700r4,4l60,200l4 and more

An exploded view of a turbo 400 transmission?

i need an exploded view of a turbo 400 transmission? there is a site with trans schematics

Why does a 2500 Cummins Turbo have a sticky transmission?

The 2500 Cummins Turbo might have a sticky transmission because the oil viscosity is wrong.

What does a turbo 350 transmission look like?

What does the in side of a pontiac 350 turbo transmission look like in side 1972Can you show me

Is a turbo charged engine compatible with a non turbo transmission?

no .. transmissions are reversed..

What does the inside of a GM 350 turbo transmission look like? check out pictures of a turbo hydraulic 350 trans, cut away.

What is a turbo transmission?

A turbo transmission is does not involve turbo in the conventional sense at all. A turbo takes exhaust gases straight off the cylinder head via a special exhaust manifold, and uses that air velocity to force air into the intake. This has a cost of having the incoming air to the engine hotter than what is ideal, but there is a trade off with any system. A turbo transmission, such as GM's turbo hydramatic, is merely a name GM assigned to the transmission. GM's Turbo Hydramatic 700R4 transmission was their first with an overdrive gear. This overdrive gear was a higher gear ration than previous transmission's 3rd gear and gave much better gas mileage on the street. So, a turbo transmission does not actually use turbo, it is just a name for a transmission with another gear for highway use. Turbo in this sense is just a name.

How do check oil transmission to passat 98 automatic engine 1.8 turbo?

You do not take it to the shop. It does not have a dipstick I is considered sealed for life

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