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How do you check the fuel pump to see if that is the reason your 1990 Ford Ranger pickup won't start?

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If its Fuel Injection U put a FI pressure gauge on the Fuel Rail.

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Pickup wont start Low power Clicking noise under dash What is wrong 99 Ford Ranger?

The most common reason for your 1999 Ford Ranger pickup truck not to start is a battery that needs to be charged. Charge the battery for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Why does your Chevy pickup grind when you start it?

check the oil

1994 Ford Ranger check engine off light will not start?


When I replace the fuel pump and filter because the pickup just died. Then i went to start it there is no spark. The pickup will not turn over?

ckeck your alternator, check your battey and check for corrosion on the battery post.

1994 Chevy pickup will not start turns over but does not fire?

Check and clean your spark plugs that might be the problem.

01 ranger won't start it doesn't turn over?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

Your 1985 Toyota pickup turns over but won't start has no fire from coil wire?

first i would check your coil, if its good, check your ignition switch.

Why would a ford ranger start smoking on start up all of a sudden?

Could be a head gasket issue, what color is the smoke? Anyway check that first.

96 ford ranger sometimes starts for a few seconds but won't start after?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

You own a 1990 Montero ls for some reason it wont start its cranking over but won't start any ideas?

check for spark. check for fuel pressure.

Why would a 96 Nissan pickup not start when its raining?

Your distributer might have a crack in it and moisture is getting in to it and grounding it out,inspect it,wipe clean and check.

Why won't my ford ranger keep running after it starts?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

What do you do if your 2005 Camry will not start after replacing the battery?

Check the new battery, check connection cables (the most possible reason but not necessary), check your antitheft system, some of them will not allow start after the battery power outgage.

Will a bad catalytic converter cause the check engine light to come on on a 1994 s10 pickup and then cause it not to start?

yes ,gud chance it is blocked

My sons BMW will not start?

First, check if you battery if properly charged, and 95% of the time that is the reason.

Put in new fuel pump and filter on 1998 Chevy pickup still won't start What is keeping the pickup from starting?

if you just guessed that was the problem, that is where you went wrong. check for spark or fuel pressure to begin diagnosing your problem.

99 ford ranger won't start not even a click it is a 5 speed?

Check your battery. Most likely the culprit is a dead battery. A quick check across its terminals with a voltmeter will tell you.

Why would a 1992 Ranger that was running fine not start it will turn over but not fire?

Check if you're getting fire, next make sure you're getting fuel, and check your timing belt.

Why after replacing fuel injector on a 97 s-10 Chevy pickup it wont start?

check the main harness connector. it right at the rear injector.

How do you troubleshoot a 1991 Ford Ranger that won't start after replacing the relay?

Check for continuity coming from the switch from the "start" position. If it is good, then the starter is defective, or a loose wire somewhere around the engine.

Why wont your 2000 ford ranger start it stopped as you were driving you changed the fuel filter and fuel pump still wont start Please help thanks?

Check your fuses could be an electronic issue.

Dodge pickup with a 1960-72 slant six that wont start but it does back fire int to the carburetor?

Check ignition timing Timing chain "jumped"?

What year did the Chevy Colorado pickup start?


99 ranger no start?

Does it "turn over?"

Why won't car start if battery is charged?

Check your alternator--a lot of times they go about the same time (for no reason).