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In the trunk of the car find the wires and unplug them. Take a wire known to be hot and touch the wire. One is for up and one is for down. If they work then the relay is bad. If it still doesn't work it is the motor itself.


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The horn is located on the driver side of the engine, real close to the battery. No. It's on the passenger side next to the rad.

I just bought a Pontiac Montana 2004 and dont know how to close the rear windows

if you check the owners manual you will find it but if you dont have one then you may get a brief check by looking at the spot where your dorr locks to the car when u close it

Not even close ones a Toyota the other is gm

the thermostat is right under the radiator cap. has metal handles. you can just pull it out. if not there it has been removed. Not sure if a 94 is the same as an 89 but mine is right on top of the engine close to the radiator. it sits directly under the rad cap just open it and voila...hope this helps

The original convertible tops available for the Vett were manual lift and latch systems as available on virtually every car in the world in the 50's and 60's Currently you push and hold the button.

In order to adjust the convertible top on a 2005 PT Cruiser, a person would need to assist it by hand. The pressure that makes it close is by hydraulic pressure and must be assisted manually.

No, Not even close, Totally different designs.

Under the dash, left side you will have to remove the close out panel.

The EGR valve is located on the side of the intake on the 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. It is close to the intake manifold.

The low side ac port on a 1997 Pontiac Firebird should be located on a hose on the passenger side. The hose is close to the radiator.

To find a Pontiac Dealer in your neighborhood one can consult the local areas Yellow Pages. Also consulting the official Pontiac or General Motors website which offer a list of dealers and their locations.

check in the glove compartment for a lever on the left side. push it down and head to the front and push the button on the hood release. make sure the lever is in the up position before you go to close it back up.

Check the manual, it should give capacities that will be close to the exact number. My 99 has approx 7.5 quarts during the filter change, the book said 8...

Did you ever find out the cause of that i have a 1999 Pontiac firebird and mine does the same thing.! Did you ever find out the cause of that i have a 1999 Pontiac firebird and mine does the same thing.!

To close the top: Open both door windows. Open the trunk and pull the passenger side trunk liner towards the center of the trunk. You may have to work the liner away from the lip holding it in place. Once this is done, you will see the convertible top hydraulic pump. On the side of the pump is a petcock. Turn it completely counter-clockwise. This opens the valve on the pump. Now use the Allen tool to raise the hook. Pull the convertible top down to meet the hook. Close the top by using the Allen tool. Return to the trunk and close the petcock. Replace the trunk liner. Press the convertible switch to close the top - this will raise the rear windows. Close the door windows. Have the vehicle checked at a dealership.

No, not even close. Pontiac 350 intakes will interchange with 1965-1979 Pontiac 389,400,421,428,455 intakes. Most all aftermarket Pontiac V8 intakes are designed for the 1965 up bolt pattern. 350 Chevy is part of the small block Chevy engine family, and virtually nothing interchanges with a Pontiac V8.

the switch is in the lever pull backwards or push forward on lever once released

Check that your doors close completely (windows do not hang up on the convertible top). Also after your battery has drained or cables removed (to charge or replace battery) the power windows on the convertible model must be "retrained" to close correctly. The procedure is in your owner's manual but basically it is to sit inside the vehicle with door closed and lower the window then raise. When the window is fully closed do not remove your finger from the "up" button but keep depressed for approx 25 seconds. If properly done and assuming the battery has enough charge, when you open door the window should lower automatically a fraction to clear the convertible top then automatically raise when the door is shut. Do the same for the passenger door.

On a 98 Pontiac Sunfire, the red color of wire goes on the terminal marked "B" on the starter. This terminal is located close to the battery of the vehicle.

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